Trump’s Very Own Health Department Tears Into His Obamacare Lies

Trump very own Department of Health and Human services apparently doesn’t think very highly of their boss when it comes to his non-stop Obamacare-hating. In fact, they’re openly contesting all the brazen lies he has made with respects to eliminating Obamacare simply because he hates Obama and wants his own name attached to something yuge, even if that thing will kill millions.

Not only is absolutely not failing, according to Secretary Tom Price’s and Trump’s HHS but  “the customer base is getting healthier and the risk pools have been stabilizing.”

Via the LA Times:

New data has been released contradicting Republican propaganda about the “failing” Affordable Care Act. What may be more embarrassing to the hardliners pushing repeal is that it comes from the government, specifically the Department of Health and Human Services.

Under Secretary Tom Price, the department has been a fount of anti-ACA rhetoric. But in an annual report about the ACA’s risk-management provisions issued Friday, Health and Human Services established that the key programs are “working as intended,” protecting insurers from unexpectedly large risks and moderating premiums for consumers.

Not only that, the data “would seem to refute the commonly held belief that the marketplace population is becoming sicker,” observes health economist Timothy Jost, writing in Health Affairs. In fact, according to the figures from 2016 in the latest report, the customer base is getting healthier and the risk pools have been stabilizing.

In short, Trump and his fellow disingenuous Republican trolls in Congress are blatantly lying to the American people simply so then give tax cuts to 400 households. While Obamacare could use many fixes, it most certainly is not failing. The only thing that’s failing is the never-ending lies from Trump and Republicans.

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