Hannity Interviews Roy Moore, Who Damns Himself In Revealing Interview

roy moore sean hannity interview

Roy Moore, embattled Alabama Senate candidate, went on Sean Hannity’s radio show to “defend himself” from allegations that he dated and molested young teen girls while in his thirties. Moore’s defense against the 14-year-old girl who accused him of heavy petting with her in Moore’s cabin seems to be that it isn’t true because he always asked girls mom’s before he dated them.

Many right-wingers seem to think that Moore’s excuses are an actual defense. While the interview seems to be more of an admission that he did maybe date at least some of these young girls, he repeats over and over that he doesn’t remember.

Doesn’t. Remember.

Except, he does remember some of the girls. He recalls he always asked their moms. He remembers he did nothing wrong. But, he doesn’t remember doing anything illegal ever. The interview was so damning that Geraldo Rivera tweeted this:

Listen for yourself, and make your own call, is this Roy Moore shooting his candidacy in the foot? Will the GOP voters agree?

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