Cry Baby Hannity Melts Down Over Megyn Kelly Dissing Trump (VIDEO)

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Sean Hannity believes that if you call Trump on any of his bad behaviors, or cowardice, you support Hillary Clinton. He just threw a major tantrum because Megyn Kelly refused to be quiet about his marked favor and actual endorsement of a single candidate.

Megyn Kelly said that Trump, “will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to unsafe spaces these days.”

Hannity, on the heels of his sycophantic commercial endorsement of Trump, tried to make it seem like Kelly was biased because she called Trump and Hannity on their bromance.

Unfortunately for the brown-nosing Hannity, he forgot at least one glaring detail: she called Hillary out for a very similar issue already. Oops.

Hannity, however, has actually appeared on a nearly masturbatory adulation video in support of Trump. Having his naked partisanship, and all the bias that entails, exposed must be horribly embarrassing for Hannity. He has single-handedly destroyed any journalist credibility that he has left.

Blaming the nearest woman who dares say anything about his actions, that seems par for the course for Trump and his ilk.

Hannity continued his unhinged rant, listing off networks that Trump has appeared on, though since he hired Kellyanne Conway he hasn’t done very many interviews. (That couldn’t have anything to do with Conway knowing that Trump is a danger to his own brand when allowed to run his mouth without a teleprompter, can it?)

As Robert Sobel put it:

Ever since Kellyanne Conway was brought on board in August as Trump’s new campaign manager, the former host of “The Apprentice” has been limited in his news interviews. In that last week since the first presidential debate, Trump has been forced to deal with multiple scandals, including the release of his 1995 tax returns, and being accused of renting out office space to a bank run by the Iranian government that had ties to Islamic terrorism.

You would think that in the wake of all of these scandals, if they weren’t real issues, Trump would be running to the media to repudiate them. But, instead, he is hiding in Hannity’s safe space while bad mouthing one of the media outlets that Hannity just named.

In fact, it seems bad-mouthing anyone that doesn’t give him at least 90 percent “fluff and love” coverage. Seeing how he talks about anyone that calls him out on his bad behavior, Trump appears to be getting plenty of fluff and love from Hannity because Hannity even got his name dropped during the presidential debate.

Trump on CNN:

Or the fact that Trump himself has declared he “gets a fair shake” at Hannity’s Fox News, so that is the network he wants to deal with?

Looks like Hannity may have wanted to check Trump’s twitter before speaking. Or even Megyn Kelly’s, considering that she treated Trump and Clinton the same in similar circumstance — something Hannity would be hard pressed to show (how many videos has he filmed for Clinton?). Then again, he chose to enthusiastically back Trump, so there is no accounting for taste or judgement there, is there?

Some are saying that Trump’s feud with Kelly makes her a de facto Hillary supporter, it doesn’t, but that argument has been made.

Here is the difference between what Megyn Kelly and Hannity have done: Kelly may or may not support Clinton, but calls her out in the same way in similar circumstances as she does Trump (someone she seems to despise); that is what you call Journalistic integrity.

Hannity’s meltdown just shows he can’t handle having people call him out — and thin-skinned bullies tend to flock together.

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