Mark Halperin Pins Kellyanne Conway Down On A Big Trump Lie (VIDEO)

Defending the indefensible. That seems to be Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s job sometimes. That was especially true this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Conway came on the program armed with talking points and deflections. Bloomberg News’s Managing Editor Mark Halperin wasn’t going to let her get through the whole segment without exposing her game. Halperin didn’t play gotcha or do anything partisan in his questioning. In fact, he only had one simple question where the facts were clear and Trump had tried to lie about.

Halperin: One simple thing — He said Lester Holt (tonight’s debate moderator) was a democrat. Lester Holt is a republican. How could he say such a thing that is so black and white factually incorrect? 

Conway: I don’t know that he knew what Lester Holt’s voter registration is. 

Conway then tried to change the subject. She started talking about Matt Lauer and other reporters. Halperin wasn’t letting it go.

Halperin: you are not addressing what I asked you. I’m asking you how can someone who’s running for President can assert on the eve of the debate that the moderator is a democrat, which is factually incorrect. How can he do that?

Conway: I think what Donald Trump was trying to convey is that the media … are filled with people who …

Halperin: That’s not what he said, though. He said he’s a democrat.

Conway: Should he have asked his voter registration? 

Halperin: he didn’t say I don’t know what he is but I think he’s biased — he said he’s a democrat. 

Conway then attempted again to try to move the goalposts and flip the script about Clinton’s people trying to ‘work the refs’ when it was blatantly obvious that the ref working was clearly coming from Camp Trump.  She then basically accused Halperin of being a Clinton surrogate for even daring to question The Donald.

Joe Scarborough then tried to bail Conway out with more filibustering and nonsense. Co-host Mika Brzezinski wasn’t having it.

‘I don’t understand what this has to do with Mark’s question?’ Mika remarked. ‘We’re asking why he lied about Lester Holt.’ 

Conway again claimed that because Trump didn’t know the answer and simply made stuff up — he wasn’t lying. Outside of Scarborough, no one was buying what she was selling. In fact, Brzezinski fired back ‘he did lie’ in an uncompromising manner. Scarborough then directed the interview away from this embarrassing exchange, effectively cutting off Brezinski and Halperin.

The fact is that Trump was the one trying to work the refs. He insists that the moderator is a democrat, which he is not. Here, through Conway, he tries to assert that unless reporters are there to essentially be a ‘ra-ra’ cheerleader for him, they are ‘unfair.’ Only in Trump’s world is that even considered to not be a bunch of malarky.  As Halperin said, ‘it is just a metaphor for so many things that are just factually inaccurate and it’s wrong.’

Check out the embarrassing (for Conway and Trump) clip below;


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