An Unbelievable Tale Of Half An Onion Destined To Burst Trump’s Ego Bubble


Trump has certainly shown Americans that he has the ego of a toddler in the throws of the “terrible twos,” a phrase many parents are familiar with. But how do you deal with a grown man that never grew out of that phase? Well, oddly enough, this half an onion intends to do just that.

Trump is constantly seen as defending his, ahem, size. Be it his size below the belt, as he did in a Republican primary debate or the size of his hands. Even the size of his crowds, as he has done numerous times throughout the primary and even on inauguration day.

Get over it, Donald. We all know it ain’t that big. Pics or it didn’t happen, as they say. Except we have pictures (at least of the crowd, thank God) and it didn’t happen.

So how do you trounce the ego of a man-baby so stuck in his “terrible twos?” Well, a bulb vegetable may very well be the answer. An onion has been making both the strong and weak alike cry throughout the millennia. Onions have been a part of the human diet for at least 5000 years.

This Half Onion Is No Joke

Now one bold yet sweet yellow onion is setting out as a young lonely bulb vegetable to make a lumbering man-baby cry. Meet the oddity that is storming the anti-Trump movement, Half An Onion In A Bag. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Somebody decided to start a Twitter account as half an onion in a Zip Lock bag to see if they could get more followers than Trump and totally deflate his ego. And they started inauguration day. And at the rate they are growing, they will quickly succeed with an average current growth of 100,000 followers per day. This slice of nature is pushing the bounds of going viral into something else as of yet unidentified. Many are soon to love their veggies.

This onion was barring no holds when it quickly took to Twitter in protest of Trump’s presidency. They swiftly acknowledged their flavorful personality and accepted the responsibility to make the most emotionally unfit candidate ever to run for office cry like a two-year-old that just discovered he had to share his toys.

This Onion is ready to fight. Maybe without hands to hold a sign or feet to march, but ready all the same. So please make a statement that will definitely not be ignored by Trump. Follow the Half An Onion here and support a grassroots effort to put Trump in his place.

This account certainly will help in trouncing Trump’s claims of voter fraud over his 3 million vote loss

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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