The ‘Hacked’ McDonald’s Tweet Perfectly Sums Up 2017

McDonald's tweet sums up 2017
Donald Trump was smacked down by McDonald's hacked account

The year 2016 seemed a soul-sucking pit, our heroes kept dying and we found out that we would bid adieu to one of the greatest Presidents ever and be forced to accept one that is poorly qualified, and, in all honesty, is a sexist jerk. But 2017 has been a whirlwind, an amalgam of polar oppositions, statements, retractions, lies, conspiracy theories, and boycotts that move at the speed of gossip.

Today, a quickly deleted McDonald’s tweet and the fallout from it really sums up this short, so-interminably-long-already, year:

That “feud” was denied by McDonald’s who quickly deleted it and stated that their account had been hacked. Hacked. Nothing says 2017 like the word hacked.

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That reason, hacking, was not enough of an excuse for Trump loving voters, who began to cry out for a boycott. Yet another boycott, because people aren’t already dizzy trying to keep track of all of their political buying:

In comes another repeating theme of 2017, the conspiracy theory, mixed with an oldie but goody, “blame Obama.” Why, pray tell, are Trump voters not “buying” that McDonald’s was hacked? OBAMA!

Because, why not, right? We haven’t yet fulfilled the required conspiracy theory  quota for the right wing yet:

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Not a microwave camera in sight, or was there?

All jokes aside, though, it seems Trump voters are so used to blaming Obama for everything that they are willing to boycott McDonald’s for being the victim of a hack because they hired someone associated with him.

The left, actually it looked like the majority of tweets, were supportive of McDonald’s — and some pretty sure that the Trump crowd isn’t actually going to be boycotting them. Because the whole set up would be lacking something without mockery and partisan twitter feuds. 

And, of course, someone has a chart, bringing in the facts and figures game — not really one of the Trump voter’s favorite:

It seems that 2017 is literally a parade of WTF moments, things we never thought we would say, see, or hear, just keep happening.

All in all, this is pretty close to showing what 2017 has felt like, from elation to disappointment — some really don’t like that McDonald’s as a non-political restaurant, retracted the tweet — hacking to conspiracy theories. All this is missing is Kellyann Conway or Sean Spicer saying that McDonald’s is “fake news.”

Featured image via screen capture from instagram

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