Gun Control And Campaign Slogans: Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

Donald Trump didn’t coin the campaign slogan, “make America great again.”  He borrowed it from Pres. Ronald Reagan, but ignored his stand on assault rifles.

The world has truly never seen a larger Groupon hypocritical slime balls as the members of today’s Republican Party. I mean this is the party of great American leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D Eisenhower for God sakes! Some of the misogynistic, double talking, nonsense that modern day Republicans are so fond of regurgitating to the mindless drones that make up their voting base would surely have their predecessors running as quickly as they could muster, to the DNC and changing their party affiliation for fear of being guilty by association.

The Republican Party’s own perspective nominee for the 2016 Presidential race, Donald Trump, recently said during an interview with

“I certainly stand by my opposition to gun control when it comes to taking guns from law-abiding citizens.  You mention that the media describes the AR-15 as an ‘assault rifle,’ which is one example of the many distortions they use to sell their agenda.  However, the AR-15 does not fall under this category.”

Funny, that a “politician” whose campaign slogan was “borrowed” from the Republican Icon, Ronald Reagan’s  1980’s presidential campaign wouldn’t pay closer attention to how exactly Reagan planned to “make America great again.” You see, Reagan was conservative on lots of issues including his stance on the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution and believed that while we should never plan on disarming law abiding American Citizens, this did not include criminals nor military grade assault rifles. As you can plainly see  in the YouTube video attached just below the text portion of this article, Ronald Reagan – the conservative saint himself – was completely against American citizens owning military grade firearms such as the AK-47 or it’s American cousin the AR-15.

These weapons would never be used by anyone to hunt anything other than enemy troops who are also armed with similar “assault” style weapons. Both the AK-47 and the AR-15 are designed for one purpose and one purpose only; killing as many humans as possible in the least amount of time.

Now, please don’t get my words twisted, because I am not of the belief that banning assault rifles outright will in any way force criminals to stop committing crimes.

However, keeping this thought in mind, when was the last time you heard a report of a mass shooting being committed with a military grade weapon like an M-16 A-2 rifle, or even my all time favorite firearm the AA-12 Fully Automatic 12 gauge shotgun? An extremely good reason that you have not seen any recent reports of such mass shootings is because these specific weapons are classified as military grade, fully automatic machine guns and never, ever legally sold to civilians. That’s the thing about classifying a weapon as a military grade or machine gun class weapon – it becomes extremely difficult for any civilian (criminal or not) to gain access to such a weapon regardless of how they attempt to. Plus, why would they when they can do nearly as much damage with a similar less expensive and easier to obtain firearm? Although, this just one writer’s humble opinion on this hot button issue, ironically though, my opinion is much more in line with those of Saint Ronnie’s than president elect Donald Trump’s may ever be. Watch the following video and let President Reagan tell you for himself.

Feature image courtesy of RawStory via screenshot/Wikipedia.

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