NRA Host Jokes About Killing Fellow Americans — Bad Move

Grant Stinchfield joked about wanting an insane despot to send a nuclear strike to kill his political opponents on US soil, it seemed almost common place for him and his ilk, but Twitter wasn’t having any of it.

When you think it is funny to try to get N. Korea to bomb the United States to advance your political goals — by killing liberals — you have become the worst that humanity has to offer. Of course, when you are already hosting NRA TV and a Right Wing radio host, it is likely you didn’t have far to fall.

(Make sure you let Grant Stinchfield and his employers know what you think, contact information at the end of this article) 

Case in point Grant Stinchfield is an NRA TV host, a conservative radio host, and apparently, even less of a “patriot” than those two things indicate. In fact, his patriotism is so swampy and shallow that he thought it would be funny to joke about getting North Korea to bomb Sacramento, California instead of Guam.

Was he just finding the death of almost half a million Californians to be worthy humor or a solid NRA talking point?:

According to his bio:

Grant Stinchfield is not just a conservative talk show host, he’s an entrepreneur. He left behind an Emmy award winning career as an investigative reporter at NBC5 to follow his dream of starting a business.

Grant currently employs 10 people at his Kwik Kar Auto Care Facility in Irving. He is also the President of GPS Development LLC, a media production and Republican political consulting firm. Before that, Grant founded, and later sold, what is known as one of the Metroplexes premier tree care companies, Arborplex Tree Service.

Twitter wasted little time in standing up for common human decency, you know, like not wishing death on your own fellow Americans:

Of the many reasons this tweet is not only not funny but also not patriotic, not acceptable, and not in any way useful in our political climate, the fact that he is advocating for the death of political opponents stands out.

There seems to be no level to which those who will advocate for the NRA will sink. They don’t seem to believe that human life is valuable unless it is exactly like them:

If you think killing half a million people is funny because they are politically sane, er, different from you, maybe you should be looking for a new country:

It seems that to them, the only lives that actually matter are “theirs.” They can joke about killing political opponents so that they might be able to win an election fairly, but they don’t see it as “violent” unless you are a liberal, of course:

But let’s be honest here, the Republican party, conservatives in general, and anyone that worships the NRA are clearly not what they claim to be; pro “life”:

Stinchfield has since apologized for the joke, saying:

Reached by phone Friday, Mr. Stinchfield told the New York Daily News that he was sorry for making light of a very real danger.

“It was meant as a joke and I regret it,” he said. “What’s going on with North Korea is no laughing matter.”

None of Stinchfield’s apology recognizes that he was also making light of killing his political opponents, bombing the United States, or murdering 495 thousand Americans with nuclear weapons. 

Please, let this “conservative’s” employers know what you think about joking that political opponents should be killed with nuclear weapons by a madman on our own soil. He works for 570 KLIF Dallas as a radio host, here is their Facebook page and their phone number: 972-708-4306. He is also an NRA TV host. Here is his Facebook, and his Facebook page. 

In case you want to know what kind of person this is, we’ve included this video calling us the “Violent left” from Youtube:

Featured image via screen capture from

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