The GOP Is Running An ‘Official’ Job Approval Poll Where Trump Can’t Lose

If you voted for Trump, and you’re one of the 36%-38% or so who still think highly of him, you’re probably not a bad person.

We all know Donald Trump creates genuine fake news to counter all the real facts that he can’t stand. Now the GOP has officially become complicit in his three-ring circus of lies, by running an “Official Presidential Job Performance Poll” where he can’t lose.

Trump’s approval ratings are scraping the bottom of the bucket, according to his favorite and most trusted poll

It’s no secret that Trump swears by Rasmussen Reportsapproval ratings and polling data. During (and since) the campaign, he continually boasted about their election projections, since they were (just about) the only game in town that projected him beating Hillary Clinton. And after the election, he’s lumped together any other poll as “fake news.”

CNN dug into Rasmussen’s polling a few months ago and showed that their approval ratings disproportionately favor conservatives. That makes their results a lousy finger on the pulse of the average American, but an excellent finger on the pulse of the average conservative. And the results are truly dismal for Trump.

Here are the latest results from their daily polling, as of Aug 25, 2017:

Donald Trump's approval ratings are tanking.

  • Trump’s strongest support (red curve) has been steadily declining following his first week in office. It is now hovering around 25%.
  • Of those polled, the percentage of respondents who strongly approve of his performance has averaged 25% for the last month.
  • Nearly double that number, or 48% of those polled, have strongly disapproved of his performance over the last month.

Remember, these numbers are biased toward conservative Americans, meaning that even among his base, his approval ratings are in the toilet. That’s what every other legitimate poll has also shown. While Trump has called all of them “FAKE NEWS SUPPRESSION POLLS,” he can’t come out against Rasmussen without eating a murder of crows.

So what’s a boy to do? Make a push poll.

The Official Presidential Job Performance Push Poll

A push poll is one that leads the respondent to give an answer that the pollster wants to hear. Want a blatant and obvious example? Look no further than the GOP’s “Official Presidential Job Performance Poll.” There are exactly two questions:

The “Official Presidential Job Performance Poll” at

Question 1: How would you rate President Trump’s job performance so far?

  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Other

Question 2 (Optional): Please explain why you selected your response.

What makes the story even juicier (or more pathetic, depending on how you look at it) is that is running the same poll. Just a slightly different font.

The “Official Presidential Job Performance Poll” at

Not to state the obvious, but this so-called poll only allows you to approve of the President. “Other” doesn’t mean anything at all. So no matter how everyone answers, Trump comes out looking far better than any rational person could possibly claim.

Faking poll numbers keep Trump from feeling the pressure of the American public

Here’s how this plays out. The GOP and White House staff collect all these completely bogus numbers and trot out a brief that Trump’s approval ratings are actually far higher than any of the “suppression polls” claim. That just adds more fuel (napalm, really) to his fire that the media is against him, and further galvanizes him to ignore his true constituents.

Right now, Trump only listens to (and panders to) his ever-shrinking base. Those aren’t his constituents. The American public are. Each and every one of us.

And every time he cries “fake news” to what are real facts, or legitimizes his own genuinely fake news, he further marginalizes our voices. So in short, this joke of a poll is blatant collusion between the Republican National Committee and Trump’s endless trafficking in falsehoods and lies.

Featured image: CC BY 2.0 Michael Vadon via Flickr (with graph added).

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