LOL Alert: GOP Funding Bill Accidentally Funds Planned Parenthood, Gives NOTHING For Wall

While Donald Trump was spending his time making sh*t up before a crowd of perpetually hoodwinked low-information voters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Congress was working on the government spending bill to avert a shutdown. There was much fervor over the contents of the bill and what insanely draconian and totally unnecessary spending on an already bloated military. And while the¬†bipartisan agreement includes $12.5 billion in new military spending and $1.5 billion more for border security, not a single penny of it can go towards Trump’s ridiculous wall. Your move, Mexico.

But while the thought of the sociopathic screaming orange whining on Twitter over the border wall is a gift in and of itself, that funding for Planned Parenthood was included makes it Christmas in July for the demoralized Left. And if passed, the legislation will ensure that Planned Parenthood continues to receive federal funding through September. Did the GOP not get the memo that they’re like in charge of everything now. We already know that presidenting is hard, but governing apparently is too.

Of course one can only imagine the epic freakout far-right conservatives will have over the bill. However, if they kick and scream (and they will), it will only force GOP House Speaker Ryan to muster even more Democratic votes, and thus make the bill even more progressive. Sad, I know. The only other possible–and one that’s really not palatable for Republicans–is to refuse to play along and precipitate a government shutdown. Indeed, the resulting consequences and blame from such a scenario would rest squarely with Republicans. And that will just make 2018 seem all the more soon.

Featured image via AboveAverage 


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