GoDaddy Joins The Resistance In Epic Fashion

Update: It would seem that in an effort to drum up pity tears from other Nazis and spark the outrage of conspiracy theorists, The Daily Stormer may have faked being hacked by the hacktivist group known as Anonymous.

In the tragic aftermath of a Nazi terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia a woman named Heather Heyer lost her life. That didn’t stop the Nazis that call themselves the “alt-right” from attacking her posthumously. They have no decency.

The article which attacked Heather Heyer  — which we will not link to because we do not support Nazi trash — was released on a website called “The Daily Stormer,” a website that caters to bigots, racists, and Nazis. The name of the site alludes to an infamous message board known as “Storm Front” where racists get together to speak about their hatred of non-white people in a protected setting. A “safe space” if you will.

The headline was so wretched you would think the author had never known the gentle touch of a woman’s love. It referred to Heather’s age, the fact that she had yet to bear children, and alluded to her sexual habits being highly promiscuous.

One Twitter user decided to reach out to GoDaddy and seek a little solace for Heather Heyer and her family:

It would seem GoDaddy was none too pleased with The Daily Stormer’s targeted harassment of a victim of terrorism:

The Daily Stormer is soon to be no more thanks to the petty edge lord Nazi known as Andrew Anglin. It will certainly be difficult to get an internet server for your website now that everyone knows you print Nazi propaganda. Whoever does end up hosting them will likely lose a ton of business since nobody wants to spend money with people that support Nazis. It may be that we never see this rancid publication rear its ugly head again.

We at American News X would like to officially welcome GoDaddy to The Resistance. We would also like to say au revoir to The Daily Stormer. You would think they would have learned after the defeat of Hitler: Nazis never win.

Featured image via Pixabay

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