Get Ready To Choke On America’s Filthy Air, Trump Picks Big Polluter To Head EPA

Still glad you voted for Trump?

As a real estate developer, Donald Trump has had to comply with environmental regulations for decades. Now that he’s about to become president, it looks like he’s going to use the Oval Office to take revenge. On Wednesday, Trump appointed oil industry advocate Scott Pruitt to head up the EPA. Pruitt is known as a shameless foe of just about everything the Environmental Protection Agency stands for.

Pruitt is currently the attorney general of Oklahoma, and is a plaintiff in a pending case against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan regulations. An avid climate change denier and pro-Big Oil supporter, putting him in charge of the EPA all but guarantees that the air over America will get more toxic. We are also likely to see more oil spills, polluted water, and dead wildlife. This must be Trump’s previously undisclosed vision of making America ‘great.’

What climate change denier’s generally refuse to admit is that the carbon emissions that are heating our planet are yet another form of air pollution. If you are against climate science, you are in favor of air pollution. There is simply no other way to look at it.

According to the Washington Post,

Environmental groups reacted with alarm Wednesday at the nomination.

“Scott Pruitt has a record of attacking the environmental protections that EPA is charged with enforcing. He has built his political career by trying to undermine EPA’s mission of environmental protection,” said Fred Krupp, the president of the Environmental Defense Fund. “Our country needs – and deserves – an EPA Administrator who is guided by science, who respects America’s environmental laws, and who values protecting the health and safety of all Americans ahead of the lobbying agenda of special interests.”

Politico notes Pruitt’s extensive ties to the oil and gas industry, along with the significant campaign contributions they have showered him with over the years.

During his 2014 reelection, in which he ran unopposed, Pruitt raised $114,000 from energy company PACs and executives, about 14 percent of his total fundraising…. Pruitt also garnered donations from oil magnate Hamm; PACs connected to Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, Alliance Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, Spectra Energy, ITC Holdings, Chesapeake, ONEOK, OGE Energy and Tulsa-based oil and gas producer Unit Corp.; and executives from Continental Resources, the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the American Gas Association, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, Peabody Energy, AEP, Southern Co. and Oklahoma Gas & Electric.

So much for draining the swamp.

For all the voters out there who were afraid Hillary Clinton was ‘in bed’ with Wall Street, behold the product of your ignorance. Your determination to shake up the status quo will likely include dealing with lung problems, increased cancer rates, poisoned drinking water, flooding and mega-storms induced by runaway climate change, and a Republican-filled government set to strip you of your access to health care.

Still glad you voted for Trump?

To express your views on the issues outside the voting booth, contact your member of Congress by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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