Gay Restaurant Owner Beaten Just For Existing (Video)

hate crime victim and restaurant owner

Since Trump began his campaign of spreading hatred, xenophobia, racism, and every other disgusting human trait that can be expressed, hate crime has been spiking in New York and around the nation. Now another victim of emboldened bigots steps forward and tells his story. Meet co-owner of Lips, a restaurant that caters to the Drag Queen community, Mark Zschiesche.

Mark is 54, openly gay, and a New Yorker. In all his years he says he has never been attacked because of his sexuality. Mark says he was walking in the North Park area of San Diego around 2 A.M not far from the San Diego location of his restaurant when a passer-by called him a “faggot” and began beating him.

Mark Zschiesche recounted his ordeal in a Facebook video, “Look at what happened to me… I am 54 years OLD and this has never ever happened to ME. I blame TRUMP ….and those who support him,” Mark’s post read. “Before you knew it, this guy hit me in the face and called me a faggot.  From that point, I was in shock,” he said. Here is his emotional video.

Since his post, Mark has received hundreds of messages of support and love. However, apologists and Trump supporters also came out of the woodwork trying to discredit Mr. Zschiesche.

Hate Crime Apologist

Sorry Christopher, but Mark indeed filed a report with the police but says he didn’t feel he needed to go to the hospital and incur charges for the bruises and bloody nose given to him by a bigot. If you voted for Trump and his hatred then you are complicit in the hate crimes that have ramped up as a result of his election to the highest office in the nation. Christopher Foster is an apologist, and apologists are just as bad as the perpetrators of such heinous acts. Trump is a petulant pandering fascist. He is not pro-LGBTQ. You can tell by his nomination of a man who believes in conversion therapy to Vice President.

Mike Pence is incredibly anti-LGBTQ and even advocated for spending taxpayer dollars to promote conversion therapy. We would sincerely like to see the right-wing rag Christopher is getting his information from so we could promptly debunk it and make fools of them.

Mark has one simple message to everyone that watches his video, “Can’t we all get along?”

The police are investigating the incident, however, the assailant has not been caught. Anyone with information pertaining to the incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 888-580-8477.

As always, stay safe and resist.

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