Westboro Baptist Church Attempt To Protest Orlando Funerals Is An Epic Fail

Westboro Baptist attempts to protest Orlando victims' funerals and fails.

With the horrific tragedy of death in Orlando, the time for the families to say goodbye to their loved ones has come. And, of course, the Westboro Baptist Church reared its ugly head to stain the private moments of the victims’ funerals and spread the same hate that was the motivator behind an evil man armed to kill.

And the Westboro Baptist Church failed.

After the WBC received a permit to protest with the promise to attend a majority of the Pulse victims’ funerals, the Orlando community came together to stand and shield the families mourning the loss of their loved ones from the newest WBC slogan “God Sent The Shooter” and their classic “God Hates Fags.”

Screenshot from Twitter.
Screenshot from Twitter.

Inspired by groups such as the Patriot Guard Riders and other biker groups that protect combat veterans’ funerals from WBC protesters, hundreds of men and women lined the streets linking their arms together to shield the mourning families.

The Tribunist reported:

“With rainbow flags flying and signs calling for peace, love, and unity, the counter-protesters made their voices heard and created a human chain, many actually arm in arm, to protect the family from the WBC members and their messages of hate.”

The human chain did not only prevent the sight of ugliness. It also drowned out the sound of it. The family members were unable to hear the hate and ignorance at their loved ones’ funerals.

One such group in the multitude of individuals in the human chain was the Orlando Angels. With the help of Angel Action Wings, volunteers and staff of the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre and the Orlando Repertory Theatre created angel costumes with huge wings meant to block the WBC picketers at the victims’ funerals.

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