Friendly Reminder: Trump’s Lies Holding Steady At 70 Percent

Politifact has now checked approximately 300 statements made by President-elect Donald Trump. This is your friendly reminder that, 22 days from his inauguration, the percentage of Trump’s statements rated “Mostly False,” “False,” or “Pants on Fire” is holding steady at about 70.

Never forget… this is not normal.

Trumps lies often end up in headlines. Though most reputable media outlets correct his lies in the text of their articles, far too many people never read past headlines. It’s critical, then, that people remain aware that seven out of ten statements that follow the words “Trump said,” are false. If it starts with “Trump,” it needs to be vetted, fact-checked and, in some cases, discarded as a flat-out whopper.

Trump is also still holding steady on his assertion that his “lies” are actually the media’s fault. Darn them for quoting him directly and using video of him saying things anyway!

Con men deal in lies. They employ shades of untruth they can use to paint the most appealing picture for their marks. Though Trump is no different, he is no longer a run-of-the-mill conman, he is the Con-in-Chief. Such claims as “I brought jobs in,” have been quoted by major news outletsdespite their lack of veracityonly to be later debunked:

To be sure, there is a right way to report this kind of lie, and it looks a lot like this:

Forewarned is forearmed, as long as you don’t choose to turn a blind eye to the problem. It is up to useach of usto fact-check, to share the true story, and to know that the true story probably isn’t the one coming from the White House or other “official” Trump source.

We have to assume that at some point the Trump faithful will begin fracturing as nothing their feckless leader says comes to pass, or worse, what he says won’t happen does. However, at this point the best thing we can do is hold the media’s feet to the fire when it comes to truth. Printing Trump lies without vetting is a great reason to unsubscribe, refuse to click, or even block outlets that spread the propagandized statements without strongly condemning them.

Once again, we must remember that this is not normal.

So, what is considered normal? For comparison purposes, President Obama’s Politifact scorecard rates his “true”, “mostly true” and “half true” at over 70% while Hillary Clinton’s is a whopping 75 percent truth telling. Bernie Sanders, an Independent, also has a track record of telling the truth over 70 percent of the time, and has zero “Pants on Fire” rating. Donald Trump lies at the same rate that President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders tell the truth.

How about on the same side of the isle as Trump? John Kasich rates just under  70 percent truthful. More? Mitch McConnell isn’t very truthful, lying 46 percent of the time. Even Mitt Romney only lies about 42 percent of the time.

None of them hold a candle to the great lying-liar-pants, Donald Trump.

But hey, for once he really is the best at something.

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