Fox News And Their Latest Outed Sexual Harasser Part Ways, Eric Bolling Is Out

When the history of Fox News is written, Eric Bolling will be noted as one in an endless parade of sexual harassers. Men who Roger Ailes employed to help lead gullible rubes into voting against their best interests. Bolling is now out, just like the departed Ailes, after a story alleging he sent unsolicited lurid “pics” to female colleagues got him suspended.

Bolling made no secret that he and Trump were personal friends. As part of Fox’s “The Five,” Eric Bolling was well known for being a bombastic Trump surrogate and not once did he ever miss a chance to suck up to Trump.

After Bill O’Reilly got the boot for sexually harassing his staff, Bolling apparently took over as the chief sexist mansplainer, er,¬†agitator:

So when several women began leaking that Bolling had sent them pictures of an offensive nature — including Ann Coulter — Fox executives recognized the civil liability Bolling had opened them up to and immediately suspended him. Bolling’s attorney made a less than virile statement of his client’s innocence telling Huffington Post, “Mr. Bolling has no recollection of sending such inappropriate communications.”

“Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Perhaps it was early onset dementia that caused the sudden amnesia, but that did not stop Bolling from filing a $50 million lawsuit against the Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali for reporting that Bolling sent d*ck pics to his coworkers, allegedly.

Clearly, Fox News would not have fired Bolling if the allegations against him were just allegations after a month-long investigation. We are all just devastated that we won’t have one more sexist sexual harasser on Fox to¬†take to task for lying to a gullible populace.


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