The Fox News Feces Feedback Loop


Everybody knows what a feedback loop is, right? It basically means when the output of something is fed back into the input, the output then grows exponentially. As an audiophile from way back, stereo feedback loops have taught me to buy amplifier fuses by the bushel. There’s also a kind of feedback loop in economics. In a nutshell, it means you have to spend money to make money. Capitalism 101.

And then there’s what I call the “Fox Feces Feedback Loop.” It works something like this: Let’s say for the sake of argument, we have a man in the White House who’s utterly disconnected from reality. But you’re the media organ of his political party, and it’s your job to make this man out to be as respectable as your overseers wish he was. So you downplay his batshittery while simultaneously attacking his critics. Fortunately for Fox, 40% of Trump voters watch the Fox cable channel religiously, so they don’t know the difference between chicken salad a chicken shit anyway.

Then one day, this crazy person gives what can only loosely be called a press conference. He proceeds to say some things that he pulled directly out of his ass … for example that he won the biggest electoral victory since Reagan. And when called upon to back that up, he then said “I meant of Republicans.” And when that was shot down, he said; “That’s what we were told,” then quickly moves on to less hostile questioning.

The whole world saw it: Reality 1, Trump 0

So here’s where the Fox Feces Feedback Loop comes into play. They couldn’t exactly ignore the incident since they too carried it live. And they couldn’t refute the journalist’s figures (who was from their adversary “fake news” channel, NBC), because the facts are undeniable. So what’s a proper proponent of propaganda to propagate at a precarious moment like this?

You attack, attack, attack. And deflect, deflect, deflect. Sycophant in Chief Howard Kurtz says “CNN crossed the line” in their questioning. Bill O’Loofah says the “mainstream media is losing their minds over Trump.” But on the issue of Trump’s outright lies themselves? How does Fox explain them to their armies of dedicated Orcs? They don’t.

What the Fox world saw: Trump 1, Reality 0

So unless said Fox Orc happened to be home at the time of the Orange One’s presser on Thursday to see it for him/herself, which is unlikely, since it took place while most folks were at work, all they know is that their hero was attacked mercilessly by leftists disguised as journalists, and any evidence of him lying his orange ass off before the eyes and ears of the world can’t be trusted, because there’s no mention of it on the Fox News website… the ONLY place where right-thinking, patriotic Americans can find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth. And how do they know this to be the case? Because they hear it on the Fox cable channel every five minutes—Fox News can’t call themselves “Fair & Balanced” if it’s not true, right? Riiiiight! And they then share this mountain of manure with their fellow like-minded Orcs, which makes it virtually impossible to convince them that they’ve been mislead. Again. And again. And yet again.

Diagram of The Fox Feces Feedback Loop:

👉🏼 damaging info regarding Trump is reported in the news

👉🏼 attack the messenger

👉🏼 issue common talking points to all Fox staffers—calling Dr. Luntz!

👉🏼 suppress the facts

👉🏼 muddy the story with deflections

👉🏼 propagate “alternative facts” as truth

👉🏼 accuse other media sources of “liberal bias”

👉🏼 remind Orcs that only Fox is Fair & Balanced every 10 minutes

👉🏼 make certain all onscreen Fox females jiggle as per Roger Ailes’ vision

👉🏼 share all of the above with Breitbart, Drudge, Human Events, Hot Air, Daily Caller, InfoWars, Limbaugh, etc.

👉🏼 repeat

👉🏼 repeat

👉🏼 repeat

And the Fox Feces Feedback Loop grows exponentially.


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