Former GOP Senator Vows To Leave Party If Trump Is The Nominee (VIDEO)

donald trump humphries, senator leaving party
I will get up and go home. Senator will leave if Donald Trump is nominated.

The Republican National Convention isn’t politics as usual, not even for the GOP. It’s politics at their meanest. Nowhere is that showing more in the way that the conventioneers are treating the opposition.

Former New Hampshire Senator Gordon J. Humphrey has come right out and said it: if Donald J. Trump is nominated he is leaving the Republican Party. He described the convention as something that resembled “a scene out of the Soviet Union,” not the Republican party. He seemed genuinely distressed by the loss of any resemblance to an American style of governance.

Donald Trump is a threat to our nation our civil liberties and to world peace.

Calling the convention an “unpleasant, ¬†uncivilized scene” that to him is nothing more than “a trump presidency in prototype.” The former Senator made it clear that the Trump supporters there were not in any way concerned with rights, rules, or American politicians — they were simply acting “very much like fascists.” He described the as shouting down the opposition and treating them roughly, then denying them their rights under convention rules.


My first act after Mr. Trump’s nomination if that occurs will be to get up walk out and go home. And after that. After that I will resign from the Republican party.

Humphry was very clear that this was behavior that falls on Trump, this is his leadership style. No wonder he is such a favorite of Putin himself.


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