Former GOP Rep: Dems Need To Win The House And Keep Trump In Check For Safety Of America

A former Republican lawmaker is saying what anybody with good sense already knows to be true: the country would be safer in the hands of Democrats than Donald Trump and his crooked cronies.

During an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, former Florida representative David Jolly said that Trump is “unstable” and “risky when it comes to matters of national security.” (Because, duh.) He then said that America would be a “safer” place if Democrats have the House majority and the ability to keep Trump under control.

“I personally as a Republican in the past few weeks have wondered, is the republic safer if Democrats take over the House in 2018. I raised that issue with the leading Republican in D.C. last week, and the remarkable thing is he had been thinking exactly the same thing. This is a president that needs a greater check on his power than Republicans in Congress have offered,” Jolly said on Monday.

“We do know that we have a president who very well might put this nation at risk and this Republican Congress has done nothing to check his power,” he added. “Democrats could, and we might be better off as a republic if they take the House in 2018.”

This is not the first time Jolly has taken aim at Trump and his policies. In August, he called the Tweeter-in-Chief “an ill-tempered, unqualified and at times dangerous leader of the free world.

Jolly, who won his seat during a special election in 2014 and was reelected the following year, was a critic of the Affordable Care Act. However, life and health taught him a harsh lesson, causing him to change his position on Obamacare.

“I lost my doctor, and I lost my plan in 2013, and I was angry about Obamacare, and I ran for Congress,” Jolly said after his change of heart. “But in 2017, as an unemployed person with a preexisting condition, I knew Obamacare was there as a safety net if my wife and I needed it.”

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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