This Is Not A Flynn Issue, This Is A Russia Issue: “Steps Leading Up To A Total Meltdown”

This is not a Flynn issue, this is a Russia issue.

***Updated, NBC is reporting that Mike Pence was informed 11 days after Trump was.

The date the vice president knew is significant because it is when the administration became aware that the Washington Post was about to publish a heavily-sourced story that confirmed Flynn and the Russian ambassador discussed sanctions, despite public denials from Flynn and other incoming senior administration officials including Pence, then the vice president-elect. ***

There is so much going on that if you are not able to check the news all day, you will not have a complete sense of the magnitude of the upset in Washington. So much, that Morning Joe spent 17 minutes just trying to get a grip on the scope and the problem. A problem that looks like a “meltdown” in the making.

If you missed that segment, it is below in its entirety. The main points are harrowing, Mika Brezenski laid it out, clearly. The distortions, like the “Kellyanne issue” and “little Miller” on talk shows “mischaracterizing the powers of the presidency.” Along with Trump attacking our judiciary, and even pumping out “misinformation himself.” This doesn’t look like a functional government.

This looks like “the steps leading up to a total meltdown.”

Brezenski said:

If you haven’t learned this already, if you didn’t learn this during the campaign — note to Republicans — This. Only. Gets. Worse. For the country, and for you, and your party. And also, bigger picture, Willie, not to underestimate the other things that are going on around this Russia issue — and this is not a Flynn issue, this is a Russia issue — and all the dots are leading up to questions about what exactly the relationship is with Russia. It’s a question that can’t be let go.

Those dots, from the fact that Russia interfered in our elections, to Flynn lying to the VP and the VP being left out of that knowledge for 15 days after Trump knew, don’t look democratic in the slightest. We must know, as a people, where they lead and Congress must call for a complete, public investigation into them.

It is not going to be easy to keep up with all of this, especially with Trump constantly throwing tantrums on Twitter instead of dealing with the situation like a president would. The fact is that our Congress should have already started an investigation into this, they chose not to. Now we are stuck with a situation of having the information we need from a source that shouldn’t leak.

Was it wrong that our national security people outed Flynn? Yes. In a functioning democracy, with a stable government, it should have come through the right channels. (Where was the Republican outrage over this kind of thing during the election?) But if those channels refuse to do their job — looking at you, GOP — can we truly be safe while this kind of information is kept secret in black boxes beneath a CIA facility?

Trump knew about Flynn’s lies in late January, yet did nothing until the information was leaked to the press in mid-February. Would he have ever acted on it? The answer is no, according to a panelist: the administration didn’t think Flynn did anything wrong.

Mika and Joe have a full panel of guests in this show, and it is worth the 17 minutes if you have them. The video is cued up to about the midway point and before the portion quoted in this article, which will only cost you about 10 minutes. It’s worth it:

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