Florida Senator Publicly Apologizes For ‘N’ Word Laden Bar Room Rant (Video)

Florida Senator Frank Artiles' public apology for the racial/gender slurs was slick, but without him stepping down, it really doesn't ring that sincerely,

Not only did the Florida’s  Senate President Frank Artiles use vulgar terminology — that favored by Trump — for Chris Negron, he directly insulted one black woman Senator. Even worse, he did it in a bar room rant that ended up as an apology on the Senate floor on Wednesday. However, because he said “n*ggas,” without the hard “r” he claims it wasn’t supposed to be “that offensive.”

Seriously, though, Senator Artiles, who is of Cuban descent, won’t be resigning. Apparently, in his world, this kind of behavior is ok for a Republican elected to office.

After his comments, which included the word Trump made famous because he likes to grab women by them, Artiles declared it was “six n*ggas” that put Negron in office… And this was his so-called apology on the floor (video courtesy of the Washington Post):

Democratic Sens. Audrey Gibson and Perry Thurston were the ones subjected to his rant at the Governor’s Club. Artiles’ apology, which lasted 3 minutes, is too little too late, really, which was noted by Thurston:

“Too little, too late, it’s hard to put it back. And she (Gibson) said it herself this morning, words have consequences.”

Audry Gibson, a personal target of the attack, received a direct apology as well. It was not in this video. She was called, in a drunken, slurred, outburst during a political discussion, “girl,” “this f*cking assh*le,” and “this b*tch.”

As quoted by ABC News:

“I apologize; I am so sorry for the words and the tone that I used with you regretfully Monday night. There is no excuse nor will I offer one. My comments to you were the most regretful of all because they injured you personally.”

Senator Artiles “apologized,” he took “ownership,” and… all good right? Well, no. It took two full days and calls for his resignation for this public apology by a Trump supporter to happen.  Not only was he encouraged by his colleague, whom he calls “friend,”  to apologize on Tuesday… He also explained that he understood this apology was necessary due to his Marine Corps background. Would that change from Monday to Wednesday?

Despite the well-delivered mea culpa, it seems that he thought that this behavior may have been upsetting to a few, but really wasn’t that big of a deal. That, perhaps, may have something to do with him having supported Trump for president. After all, that whole “birds of a feather” thing.

Featured image via video screen capture

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