First Daughter’s New Job Proves She Is An All-American Girl.

If someone were to mention a president’s child, you would more than likely think of getting stoned on the White House roof or getting busted for underage drinking. Summer job probably isn’t one of the first things to come to mind. And definitely not a summer job that would require the First Daughter or Son to say something along the lines of “Would you like fries with that?” But that is exactly along the lines of what President Obama’s daughter, Sasha, is doing this summer. According to the Boston Herald, Sasha Obama has taken a summer job at Nancy’s in Martha’s Vineyard.

First Daughters just doing their thing.
First Daughters just doing their thing.

The Obamas are no strangers to Nancy’s. Martha’s Vineyard has been the Obamas’ yearly summer vacation spot and Nancy’s a longtime family dining destination. It has been reported that employers often find it difficult getting seasonal help in the area…. Wait, you mean to tell me that the children of high-profile residents such as movie stars, politicians, writers, and artists don’t want to get summer jobs?… So, it looks like Sasha was in luck when deciding to spend her summer working and to find herself in Martha’s Vineyard. It doesn’t hurt any that the owner of the establishment is also a family friend. A good life lesson there, folks: Sometimes it is all about who you know. Though it also doesn’t hurt either if your father is, you know, the Commander and Chief of the United States of America…

Sasha Obama joins the ranks of more than 4.5 million American teens getting summer jobs. While data for teens aged 15 is scarce, only 20% of 16 and 17-year-olds were recorded as having jobs in 2014. And teens who like Sasha are working in food services made up 32% of all teens who had a job during the summer break, making it the biggest industry for teenagers to find work in. Teen employment rates have been on the meager end of the scale since 2010 with the most recent polls showing only roughly 32% of teens working in July and August… a steep decline since 1978’s 58%, the peak of teenagers having employment, meaning that the young Obama is taking part in a dying American tradition.

Good for Business


Details are sparse but the Boston Herald states that Sasha has been working the early shift for four hours a day, showing up and leaving in a Suburban SUV where the Secret Service agents often sit and are brought out drinks at the end of Sasha’s shift. Going by her given name Natasha, the 15-year-old First Daughter has been serving tables and prepping the restaurant for the lunch rush… under the watchful eyes of 6 secret service agents.


“We’re happy to have her,” said one colleague. “It will probably be good for business.” And why shouldn’t it be? How often will you ever get a chance to get a fried Haddock sandwich served to you by the president’s daughter? Definitely worth $8.95.

Though, it hasn’t been easy according to the Herald:

Tyler Evans, 12, of Holyoke 
ordered chicken fingers, fries, a clam chowder and a Sprite from Sasha yesterday and he said it was obvious she was still in training.

“There was someone there helping her, she wasn’t that good at it,” he told the Track.

“I had to tell her my order 
a few times.”

Tyler said he asked for a picture with the first daughter but she told him, “No, I can’t.”

Work rules and all …

Maybe, Sasha, will one day wander into some fast food joint one day, find Tyler working behind the counter, and return the favor of criticizing his service whether good or bad. And maybe she could end it with letting him know that he shouldn’t worry about her comments ending up in the paper or on some online blog. He’s not the president’s 15-year-old kid after all.

Feature image by Jade Africa. All other images made by Kurt Doonesbury.

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