FILIBUSTER: Elizabeth Warren Joins Growing Effort To Bust The NRA / GOP Blockade In Senate (VIDEO)

When the GOP was in the minority, they used the ‘filibuster’ in record numbers to simply just block anything President Obama wanted to do. The filibuster is a legislative tactic which does have some merit. It is one of those ‘prevents the majority from tyrannizing the minority’ things and although the Republicans hardly used it as such a tact, it still as value as a useful and necessary legislative tool. Today, Senate Democrats decided to dust off the filibuster and use it the way it was meant to be used. The Senate GOP is blocking common sense gun legislation that has the support of 90 percent of the American people, including a majority of Republicans and gun owners. The problem with getting the legislation to the floor has been the lobbying efforts and dollars from the NRA into GOP coffers. That alone has stopped any of this common sense legislation from being actually voted on.

Most of the time, filibusters are more of a ‘threat’ than a happening. In other words, one side threatens to filibuster and the other side says ‘ok, we won’t do this.’ Sometimes, however, the other side insists on what it is doing and makes the threatening side actually carry it out — calling their bluff, so to speak. The NRA backed GOP leadership ‘called the bluff’ except there was one problem — it wasn’t a bluff.

Senate Democrats have had enough. They have been waiting for three years for the legislation to come to a vote. In that time, America has seen and experienced several mass shootings in addition to the ‘run of the mill’ gun deaths that happen daily. No one argues that the legislation is a cure-all or anything of the sort. The goal is to reduce gun violence without restricting law-abiding and sane Americans from exercising their second amendment rights.

Taking the lead in the filibuster have been Connecticut Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal. Instead of wasting time like Texas Senator Ted Cruz did last year by reading ‘Green Eggs And Ham’ and other nonsense on the floor during his attempted filibuster, the Connecticut Senators have been methodically and meticulously going over why they are there and what must be done. They are using the platform to educate anyone in American who does not know what is going on with guns and common sense legislation.

Unfortunately, most people don’t watch C-Span, which is the only place you can get more than a 15-second snippet on television. Fortunately, we have American News X, who is monitoring the filibuster and can share some more extended highlights with you. Fortunately for us, enter Senator Joe Manchin to spell out the common sense and dispell the myths in this exchange with Murphy that isn’t a cure for insomnia;


“At a very young age, we are taught how to handle guns safely. We’re taught basically that you never sell your gun to a stranger. You don’t sell your gun to a criminal. you don’t sell your gun to someone who is mentally unstable. You don’t even give your gun to a family member or a friend if you don’t think they are responsible. This is we’re taught in a gun culture.” Manchin then mentioned how the ‘gun culture’ in Connecticut probably learned the same, as does any area that is ‘pro-2nd amendment.

Manchin then pointed out that things like the proliferation of gun shows and internet sales have changed the game to where it is simply too easy to skirt around that culture and mentality. Manchin realizes, just as many of his constituents do, that it is a different world where we just can’t rely on ‘locally’ policing everything — and they would rather we ‘err on the side of caution’ and keep their family safe in preventing people from being able to get around background check laws.

Manchin speaks in a language that makes sense to many Americans of any political stripe.  The West Virginia Senator also showed how this legislation doesn’t ‘take anyone’s rights away’ and in fact, protects law abiding 2nd amendment supporter’s rights.

The pair also breaks down other ‘myths’ about their legislation,  of which Senator Manchin wrote, at least in part. They are educational, to the point and factual.

In the second clip, Senator Blumenthal explains why a patchwork of ‘states rights’ aren’t getting the job done. One of the biggest factors is how most people live within a few hours or less from at least one or two other states. As Blumenthal says ‘our laws are only as good as the weakest link.’ Indeed, looking at areas like Chicago it has been shown that many of their guns are brought in from other states like Indiana, who has much more lax regulation.  He also succinctly shows how they even deal with the objection that some people might be erroneously on the list. The fact is, the bill has a process in which people can reasonably do so.

Check out this educational clip HERE:

Will the Democrats be successful in their efforts to finally do something in trying to lower America’s rash of gun violence? That depends probably if the American people, those 90 percent who agree with their efforts, stand up to the NRA and the GOP as the Democrats (and one Republican, conservative Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey, who co-wrote part of the bill along with Manchin) have done. Also joining the filibuster so far has included Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden, Dick Durbin, Ron Cardin, Ed Markey, Patty Murray, Bill Nelson, Patrick Leahy, Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren.

Warren spoke about the LGBT community. She called upon America’s best traits, how we come together after tragedies. How we ‘beat back hate when we embrace each other’ and celebrate our differences as well as our commonality.  She examined the history of LGBT discrimination, harassment, and abuse against the community.  She stated that we must come together to defeat them, That includes giving our people the resources they need and directing the fight where we are losing it, online in the ‘propoganda war’ and other common sense stuff.  Finally, she said that if the Senate failed to act again, to break this blockade, then they would have ‘blood on their hands.’

Check out some of her remarks HERE:

One more side note, the Senator in charge of presiding over the filibuster is — you guessed it, Ted Cruz. Yes, he has to sit there and listen to every word you heard in the above clips — and more. He has no choice, he has to listen … to …. every … single … word.


Featured image via screen capture from youtube,com

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