Fareed Zakaria: ‘Trump Poses A Danger To American Democracy’ (Video)

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria delivered a stunning rebuke of Donald Trump that has Bret Stephens of The New York Times proclaiming it as “one of the very best moments in recent broadcast journalism.” And for good reason. Fareed Zakaria is known for being as fair and unbiased in his reporting as is humanly possible. Quite the feat considering the topic he is covering: the presidency of Donald John Trump.

Fareed has given credit where it was due when Trump has appointed well-qualified individuals to positions in his cabinet, few though there may be. But his criticisms of Trump have been understandably harsh when the necessity has risen, even saying that Trump has “succeeded by bullshitting” in an interview with Don Lemon on CNN as seen in this video:

Fareed Zakaria’s take on Trump

Fareed’s take was both relentless and a plea for the sanctity of American democracy. While many on the right might be offended over the brutal take on “their guy,” the truth is evident in every point that Zakaria makes.

Trump, in many ways, seems indeed above the law and many in the Republican party cower at the very idea of growing a spine and standing up to him — not for Republican ideals but for American ideals. Their inability to do their job, to stand up for what is right, has marginalized the only real “check and balance” left on the executive branch of the United States: impeachment.

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Trump has made many efforts to minimize and discredit any institution that doesn’t sing his praises, this includes the judicial branch, which Trump berated for halting his Muslim ban. The first roll out of which targeted many people with a legal right to be in the United States.

Fareed’s take on Trump is both poignant and delivered in such a clear and concise manner it truly is one of the finest moments in recent broadcast journalism. Let us know what you think in the comments section and watch his take on Trump below:

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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