Racist Trumpers In Their Own Echo-Chamber: The KKK Would Blush

DISCLAIMER: Screen captures will include blatant racism, including the “N word” and profanity. This article is portraying them naturally in their own habitat. 

Racist, bigoted Trump supporters, when in the safety of their own echo-chambers, are honest. They are uncensored, pushing the envelope, and well… they are disgusting examples of human beings. When Trump attacks good people from the White House and says that some Nazis are “fine people,” these may very well be the people to whom he is referring.

(We’ve previously written about what Trumpers do in their echo chambers, and you may consider this Round 4. If you wish to look at the other “rounds”, you can do that here, here, and here.)

This time, someone posted an old article about then-President Obama criticizing then-candidate Trump’s advocating of violence against the families of ISIS members. You don’t even have to read the article to know that it’s not current (we didn’t read it, and we’re not linking it because it’s from a “suspicious” source); all you have to do is read the preview (see featured image) that says “The White House is blasting Donald Trump…” to logically deduce that it was written during the Obama administration.

Someone conveniently forgot that Trump had to be reminded to put his hand over his heart during the anthem:

Another one doesn’t remember that Obama took over a country “on its knees” and made it better:

Then we have the “millions voted illegally” crowd, with racism-lite, “boy”:

And – still in the “lite” section – the ones who think Obama is a traitor; what kind of treason he committed remains to be said:

Now, let’s move to the “darker side” with the “Michelle Obama is a man” club:

We’re thinking it had EVERYTHING to do with his skin color:

No, racism wasn’t gone until Obama became president, it was just that up until then, there had only been white presidents (oh, and Obama is a demon and the antichrist):

Which brings us to the blatant racism, even though they’re definitely not racists:

Again, a fair warning:  Do not join these Trump groups on Facebook if you have a weak heart or a sensitive stomach; when Trump supporters think themselves surrounded by like-minded people, they will say exactly what’s on their minds, and it’s not pretty.

It’s hard to say what can be done to combat the racism and bigotry in this country, especially with someone like Trump in the White (Supremacy) House, but whatever you do, don’t get “numb”. Keep protesting, debating, providing facts, calling your representatives, posting on social media, and what else you can think of. It helps, it keeps the issues in focus, and if it gets too hard, join your own “echo chamber” on Facebook; they’re not hard to find.

PSA: The names in the screen captures have been anonymized because this article will be shared on Facebook, and while it’s not against FB policy to show names in third-party articles, Trumpers do like to mass report posts they don’t like, and there’s really no defense against that.

(However, if you cannot live without knowing the names of the Trump supporters above, you can send Mrs. Facts a PM on Facebook, and she might grant your wish.)

Featured image via screen capture, fair use for reporting claimed

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Mrs. Facts is a world citizen living in Denmark, and she is very concerned about the current political and religious climate in the United States of America, all due to the fact that what happens in the U.S. has a tendency to resonate throughout the rest of the world.

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