Facebook Algorithm Deletes This Couple For Having The Wrong Surname (VIDEO)

Boa and Audrey Avatar live in Prescott, AZ and have quite a bone to pick with Facebook for not allowing them to use their legal last name on their profile’s. Balizar Orion Avatar who perfers to be addressed as Boa stated that all of the sudden the social media giant has developed one heck of a problem with his last name claiming that Avatar is somehow a false, or fake name.

The Avatars are furious and rightly so because the social media website makes it nearly impossible to ever actually speak with a representative for any reason. Facebook must have borrowed a page out of Google’s playbook with this strategy, despite the numerous amounts of glitches their site produces, they still do not have a customer service division where users can call or at the very least instant message inorder to voice any concerns or complaints about the overall functionality of their site.

Thinking about the absolute ridiculousness of his situation, essentially arguing with Facebook over the legality of his given and also legal name, Boa had this to say about the origin of his name, “My dad told me that my name in Sanskrit is ‘May the Lord protect the king, son of light in deity human form.” Audrey who wasn’t suspended is being forced by Facebook to keep her maiden name instead of being able to change it to her married name like every other user of their site is.

When asked about the reason behind this ridiculous suspension, a Facebook representative sent the local news affiliate a list of words which trigger Facebook’s algorithim for sniffing out fake accounts and “Avatar” was definitely on that list, and said they would work on restoring Boa’s account immediately.

This is a perfect example of why I have never fully trusted the capabilities of computers because it is still left up to the human who is left in charge of writing the program, or algorithim and the machine has no way of accounting for or adapting to human error. It will be a very scary place to live if our planet ever becomes fully automated!

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