Emails Show Republican Attempt To Suppress Voters In North Carolina


Republican Bill McAnulty decided he would agree to open a Sunday voting site where black church goers could cast their ballots after Sunday service. He was immediately branded a traitor by his fellow Republicans for committing such a travesty.

“I became a villain, quite frankly. I got accused of being a traitor and everything else by the Republican Party,”  – McAnulty at a State Board of Elections meeting

McAnulty has since caved to the pressure and withdrawn his support for the site.

Republicans Have Their Own Email Problems To Worry About

In emails obtained by Reuters, state and county Republicans lobbied members of 17 county election boards to keep early-voting sites open for shorter hours on weekends and in evenings. These are times that usually see higher Democratic voter turnout.

Ultimately the state opened 78 more sites than in 2012. However many counties only opened one polling station for early voting, dropping turnout by 20% in comparison to the previous general election cycle.

“We currently have more early voting locations and hours open than ever were open under Democrat control,” stated Dallas Woodhouse, the North Carolina Republican Party executive director, in total denial of Republicans trying to suppress the Democratic vote.

Records show that counties which supported Obama in 2012 increased their hours of early voting while counties that went for Romney dropped them by nearly 25%.

“Many of our folks are angry and opposed to Sunday voting,” Dallas Woodhouse wrote in an email. “Six days of voting in one week is enough. Period.” He also added that keeping polling stations open for the full 17 day period was “wasteful and unnecessary.”

We have to wonder if a parent working two jobs would feel the same way.

Garry Terry, chairman of the Republican Party for North Carolina’s First Congressional District, sent an email to elections board members in his region. He reminded them to act “in the best interest of the Republican Party” by opposing Sunday voting and restricting early voting to one location.

“If it’s not wasteful and it allows more people to vote… the board has historically been for that,” Margaret Megerian, the Democratic member of the board, said in a statement to Reuters.

“I can’t believe what’s been done to keep some people from voting in this state,” said Mary Cranford. Cranford is a 52-year-old registered Republican that showed up early to vote for Clinton this year in Guilford, North Carolina.

In 2012 more than 60,000 people showed up to early voting. The number this year has dropped significantly to just 7,916.

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