Ellen Showed The World Trump’s Children’s Books

Trump Children's books.
Ellen on Trump's children's books.

It seems that everyone wants to write a children’s book these days. From Madonna to Bruce Springsteen, and yes, even Chelsea Clinton.

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In that spirit, Ellen Degeneres features some scathingly¬†hilarious satirical children’s books as written by “Donald Trump.” The results are fittingly entertaining and presented with Ellen’s characteristic grace and style, you won’t want to miss this.

Donald Trump’s books are not like Chelsea Clinton’s, for sure, unless you count the fact that they are both inspired by real world events. Clinton wrote about women who refused to take no for an answer and persisted:

Trump’s, well, Trump’s were about his actions and the results of those actions.

Watch Ellen below, and suggest your own titles for “Trump Children’s Books” in the comments*. We may just feature your suggestion in an upcoming article!

The question now is, will Trump attack Ellen for a little humor?

Ellen’s segment:

Featured image via screen capture

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