The Election Is Not Being Rigged. Trump Is Just Awful (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Donald Trump
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With Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton maintaining an average of five and a half percentage points over her Republican rival Donald John Trump, claims of voter fraud registered by the latter and the representatives of his campaign are becoming louder and more frequent as Election Day draws nearer. In August 2016, at two rallies in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump expressed anticipation that voter fraud would be committed in certain areas of that state, despite the fact that Pennsylvania has consistently leaned toward the Democrats in Presidential Elections since 1992.

More recently, on October 15, 2016, long-running NBC comedy show Saturday Night Live opened with a sketch lampooning the second Presidential Debate, depicting the moderators taking shots before the proceedings begin, showing Alec Baldwin as Trump and Kate McKinnon as Clinton greeting each other with adversarial kung fu poses, and Alec Baldwin once again giving a disturbingly accurate portrayal of Trump as a crass, amoral buffoon. Naturally, the Donald was none too pleased, and claimed that Saturday Night Live was “rigging the election.”

However, it seems that Donald Trump’s complaints that the election is being rigged seem to have been getting louder and more frequent as his poll numbers have been on the decline since his disastrous performance in the first Presidential Debate on September 26.

Trump campaign surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes appeared on CNN on October 17, 2016 and cast doubt on the electoral process.

“Pew research in 2012 came back and said one in eight voter registrations are inaccurate There is significantly [SIC] that they’re no longer valuable. That’s 146 million voters in the United States today, 1.8 million has some sort of fraud or has something wrong with their voter registration.”

Scottie Nell Hughes then suggested that voter identification laws would be the solution to the problem. However, to require identification for casting a vote would essentially be mandating a poll tax, as procuring an ID card costs money. Voter ID laws also disproportionately inhibit poor people, senior citizens and non-whites from the polls.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro, however, appeared on CNN and made it clear that she was not hearing any claims of voter fraud or rigged elections.

“Let me tell you this. I come from Nicaragua. I come from a country where the elections have been rigged. Where there’s been communism. I know people who come from Cuba. I know people who come from Venezuela. Those are rigged elections. Yesterday I was at Mt. Vernon, and it inspired to think what those Founding Fathers went through to set up this system. Is it a perfect system? It’s not. But stop calling it a rigged system so you can start setting up your alibi.”

Navarro then added:

“Let me tell you what’s rigged! It’s a rigged system when a billionaire can pay no taxes and get away with it!”

Another Republican strategist, Susan Del Percio appeared on MSNBC, despairing of Trump and his surrogates, noting that their claims of voter fraud are hurting the Republican Party:

“The [Trump campaign] surrogates are twisting themselves into a pretzel to be able to answer [questions about electoral fraud allegations] because there are many responsible Republicans out there that believe in a transition in power and that you have to accept the election results. There is no proof, as you said, of some overwhelming claim that everyone’s out to get Donald Trump … that’s unique to him. That being said, what’s interesting is what you have — and this is really hurting down-ballot races — is that you have Donald Trump talking in a way that he’s going to lose and you have Hillary Clinton talking in a way that she’s getting prepared to govern and being more inclusive on the map. So that’s the real problem for down-ballot races, that real Republicans who are really turned off by Donald Trump decide to come out anyway for at least their Senate and Congressional candidates.”

Suffice it to say, between Donald Trump’s laundry list of shenanigans — the bankruptcies, the accounts of sexual assault, the racism, the endorsement of violence on the part of his supporters, the intolerance of dissent, the redlining, the Trump University scam, the non-payment of workers — and numerous Republicans becoming alienated from him, it’s fair to say that his campaign is broken beyond repair.

Hell, ever since he stiffed in the first debate, it’s become increasingly clear that the election will just be a formality.

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