Down The Stretch They Come

Like everyone, I’ve made my share of boneheaded decisions in my day (more than half of which entail who I chose to share my life with—those of you who know me personally, now would be the perfect time to shuddup-a-yo-face).

The bad thing about bad decisions is that they’re, well… bad. They can cost you an arm and a leg, strip you of your dignity, force you to sleep on the couch, put you in hot water with the law, and possibly even derail your future.

The good thing about them (assuming you’re not a complete imbecile and are incapable of learning from your mistakes), is that they teach you what NOT to do in the future. For example:

1) Hooking up with sociopathic partners. (Been there. Done that).

2) Driving drunk. (Never).

3) Telling your friends “Watch this!” as you try to ford a creek in your 1976 Scirocco. (No comment).

4) Approaching a General Election as a choice between “the lesser of two evils,” and giving it all the consideration you’d give between going to Taco Bell or Burger King.

Here’s the deal. I have several friends who aren’t taking the upcoming election very seriously. One, in particular, tells me he’s still undecided and doesn’t see much of a difference between them.

I still regret some of the poorer decisions from my past because I still feel their repercussions. Not much, but enough to remind myself “Gee, if only I’d thought that through a little better than I did at the time, I wouldn’t have gone through X, Y and Z. (Particularly Z).

The choice we face is historic. We’re on the cusp of electing the 45th President of the United States, and that person will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Neither of whom is perfect (though the latter claims to be). But to suggest the imperfections of the two is negligible, is tantamount to comparing Tournedos Rossini with Hamburger Helper. One’s a highly intelligent, experienced politician—whether you agree with everything she represents or not—and the other’s a bona fide sociopath possessing questionable intellect. I’ve gone the sociopath route before. It’s not fun, and on a national level with 320M lives on the line, it could be, and probably would be, catastrophic. So let’s not go there.

Add to that Trump’s recent embrace of the white nationalist Alt Right movement, clear fascistic, racist and misogynistic tendencies, and you’ve got a real Titanic moment in the making. Yes, Hillary’s ahead in the polls, and yes, I believe she’s going to win, but we still need to hammer the implications of this choice into our undecided friends. This is the Big One, and it can’t come down to “I’ll decide on Election Day,” and risk them going with the more ‘charismatic’ of the two.

And let’s give her a mandate by voting blue up and down the ticket, so President Clinton won’t be saddled with the same obstruction President Obama has had to endure from the Party of No.

Just say yes to experience, no to charisma, and HELL NO to the Party of No. Ask the people of early 20th Century Germany how voting for charisma worked out for them.



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