Dear Donald Trump: This Flag Is Not White

Dear Donald Trump: This flag is not white.

A heartfelt letter to Donald Trump and the Republican Party in light of the Orlando shootings.

Dear Donald Trump:

In light of recent tragedy, the aftermath of the Orlando attack can be felt across America. World leaders, human rights activists, supporters of the NRA and members of the LGBTQ community have all vocalized their emotional outrage in the wake of this terrible attack. No one’s voice, however, screeches louder than that of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump released his statement one day after America’s deadliest mass shooting, in Manchester, N.H.

Aside from a call for a moment of silence, and one singular brief mention of the LGBTQ community, Mr. Trump’s speech seemed to center primarily on his campaign and his plans to initiate a Muslim witch hunt.

In spite of compelling evidence that the shooting was NOT driven by hatred of the American people, nor the corrupt values of ISIS, Trump insists on blanketing the entire Muslim community with vague accusations of “knowing what’s going on.” We can only take a stab at the meaning of his paranoid, senseless ramblings. But while many parties and affected members of the community plead for “no politics” in the vulnerable aftermath of this shooting, Trump continued to press his agenda of Muslim deportation, whilst his followers waved their guns about and screamed for more armed civilians.

It is now time that I share my personal thoughts, regarding Donald Trump and all of the Republican party, having been deeply affected by this attack on my community.

Let me start by saying that I, as a feminine bisexual woman in a hetero relationship, rarely claim the LGBTQ community as my own. It is not that I don’t have love for my brothers and sisters. I love them all, very deeply. But I cannot relate to their pain. I have never felt oppressed due to my sexual orientation; because I have the privilege of looking femme and being able to pass as “straight,” no one has ever attacked me for my attraction to women. I have never known what it’s like to fear going out in public with my partner, holding hands and kissing in public……because someone might shoot us.

This is the reality known to every openly gay, bi and trans person in America.

This is the fear realized by every survivor of the Orlando shooting, and the last emotion felt by those who lost their lives.

I don’t know this pain and fear, therefore, I will not speak on behalf of this community.

This is not something Trump, nor any other hetero American, could ever appropriately understand.

For this reason, queer folks across the country have called for SILENCE from their straight counterparts. This was not an attack on white, straight America by Muslims, as Trump would have us believe; this was an attack on brown, queer people. This was an attack in a gay club, on Latin night, where most of the visitors were LGBTQ people of color. So why on earth is some strange looking orange republican politician speaking out on an attack exclusively aimed at a community he does not belong to? Hell, an attack on a community for which he is not even an ally.

No, Donald Trump. You are not allowed to exploit our pain as an opportunity to promote your campaign.

You are not allowed to derail from the real issue here (homophobia) and turn it into something else entirely (Islamophobia.)

Allow me to reiterate this once again: you mentioned the primary victims of this attack ONE TIME, before ranting on some more about your plans to deport people who had literally nothing to do with this attack.

Most importantly, you are not allowed to include yourself in on this, because this is not about you and your trigger happy disciples; please don’t say “this was an attack on America,” whilst calling for more guns and deportation and walls around our beautiful country. This was not an attack on you, or any other straight, white American citizen. This was an attack on a community for which you have no love or affection.

Please get your guns and false sympathy out of the faces of queer folks, because we don’t want to see it, or hear from you. You can take back your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes; until you start to address the real culprit here: homophobia. This is literally the worst possible time to discuss politics here and to do so is egotistical, thoughtless and so, so incredibly selfish.

Your privilege is showing, Donald Trump. I sincerely hope you never know the fear of being shot in public, but until you do, please refrain from speaking out on behalf of our community.


one slightly-less-privileged little queer girl.





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Mother, writer, wannabe globe trotter and human rights activist.

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