Donald Trump Lied About Donating Money to HIV Treatment for Dying Child.

Ryan White was a teenager growing up the in 1980s. He was afflicted with Hemophilia, a disorder in which a person’s blood clotting factors do not work adequately. As a result, they are prone to excessive bleeding and blood loss. Routine blood transfusions are the only treatment available. He contracted HIV due to a contaminated blood donor at the age of 13. This was during a time period when knowledge about the virus was scarce and often carried a great deal of stigma.

Ryan was met with ignorance from fellow students at his middle school who treated him as contagious and disgusting. They called him homophobic slurs, because naturally the only association anyone had at the time was that HIV was a gay disease. He was even barred from attending school due to complaints from teachers, students, and staff; a complaint which had to be overturned by a local judge in 1986.

Ryan White died in 1990 at the age of 18, having garnered recognition from the media and gaining support from the likes of Michael Jackson and Elton John and numerous other celebrities. His mother, Jeanne White-Ginder reached out to the public to raise awareness: awareness not only for HIV and AIDS, but also for the effects of bullying in schools. In an unexpected turn, she met Donald Trump, who made the claim that he was going to pay for Ryan’s expenses. This apparently never happened, despite it being a bragging point of Mr. Trump.

There are a number of troubling aspects to consider in this scenario. The first is glaringly obvious. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that Donald Trump is practically incapable of telling the truth. His need for recognition and absolute disregard for the well-being of others has been labeled as sociopathic by leading experts in the field of psychology.

There is also a rather ironic element to the idea that “The Donald,” would want to be associated with helping the cause of ending bullying by being essentially the most horrific example of it. In fact, even Ryan’s mom thinks so.

Mr. Trump has created numerous fake charities from which he has skimmed money into his own pocket, including a rather high profile example recently when he claimed to have donated millions to veterans. The charities who were said to have benefited claim that they have received less than one percent of the stated amount of 5.5 million.

It is absolutely imperative that Donald Trump does not become the President of the United States. His interest in leading this country is entirely self-serving and is likely only for the purpose of self aggrandizement. His motivations are heavily steeped in racist ideology, and his opinion of women, perhaps even of everyone but himself, is appallingly low.

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