Donald Trump Is Now Picking Fights With Disney–And The Reason Is Petty As Always

If there’s one thing we’ve learned while living in this alternate reality, it’s that our president is a deranged man baby who couldn’t act presidential if you gave him all the rich chocolate cake in the world.

For those of you sick of the real Donald Trump, you may just have to wait longer for the robot version of Donald Trump. Reports coming out of the most magical place on earth are saying that Disney World’s Hall of Presidents won’t be showing off its 45th robot President any time soon. One would hope the robot Trump would be programmed with a more expansive vocabulary, but we may not ever know.

The Hall of Presidents typically features animatronic robots built by Disney Imagineers for each of the previous 44 presidents. Its last major renovation came in 2009 when it launched its President Barack Obama animatronic. The creation was heavily promoted by Disney World and the White House.

But Donald Trump is a hopelessly insecure and humorless narcissist who manages to turn the most innocuous thing into a petty fight.

Much back-and-forth has gone on between Disney and Trump’s aides, who have strongly insisted that they will write the speech Trump’s robot will give during the attraction.

“When Disney tried to get this process started earlier this year,” the source explained to Vice, “Trump’s people said, ‘We’ll be writing the speech that the -president’s audio-animatronic figure will be saying.'”

Bear in mind that other presidents have worked with Disney on this mostly fun project.

“That they directly collaborated with Clinton, Bush, and Obama’s people when it came to figuring out what the president’s audio-animatronic figure would say. Trump’s people said, ‘No. We’re writing this speech. You guys have no input on this.'”

Oh for f*ck’s sake! So a bunch of previous presidents had no issue working with Disney on creating s speech, but yet the Donald simply has to have everything be about him.

Featured image via DonaldJDumb and YouTube

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