Donald Trump And DAPL: Profiting On The Backs Of Standing Rock

DAPL and Donald Trump are in bed together.

Clean water is a basic human right.  Fracking and the resulting pipeline known as DAPL threaten the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply, and they are literally fighting to preserve their land and protect the lives of their families and children.

Donald Trump is running to become the President of the United States of America, and that includes the President of the Standing Rock Sioux.  However, Trump is also directly profiting from his investments in the very corporate entities that are behind this human rights catastrophe.  How can he be expected to place any value on the needs of the Sioux when his bottom line has always been what pads his stock portfolio?

Donald Trump makes no secret of his ability use the system at virtually any cost to generate his personal fortune.  Were he to become President increasing that fortune would likely remain his number one priority, and that cannot happen.  Even Dick Cheney had the common sense to resign as Chief Executive of Halliburton when he ran for the White House with George Bush.

Trump offers none of the assurances that would demonstrate his capacity to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.  Trump directly profiting from DAPL should not be conflated with the corporate donations Hillary Clinton’s campaign receives.  There is a difference.  Clinton’s personal bank account is not riding on the “success” of pushing through the corporate interests of the fracking industry.  You cannot make that claim about Trump.


Satellite imagery taken at night shows the massive amount of damage being done by fracking in North Dakota.  The once quiet state now lights up the night sky literally with the gas fires that are the signature of this horribly destructive extraction of what amounts to toxic sludge. (Image: io9 – Gizmodo)

DAPL was originally planned to run north of Bismark by 10 miles over the Missouri River.  That plan was rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers based upon concerns that it might threaten the water supply of the city, and was rerouted to run just past the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation instead as reported by the Bismark Tribune.  In their report they state as follows:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers evaluated the Bismarck route and concluded it was not a viable option for many reasons. One reason mentioned in the agency’s environmental assessment is the proximity to wellhead source water protection areas that are avoided to protect municipal water supply wells.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been fighting against the decision made by the Army Corps of Engineers ever since in a tense legal battle to preserve their water rights just as the Corps saw fit to protect the water of Bismark.  The protests by a now united Sioux nation have grabbed headlines around the world as another example of corporate greed trampling on the most basic of human rights, and Donald Trump is taking it to the bank that DAPL will continue to plow on over sacred burial grounds on its way to Illinois.   Energy Transfer Partners (the company behind this mess) has used every trick in the book to make their company rich on the backs of the already bruised while lining the pockets of investors like Trump.

Featured Image: Matthew Silvan (Sourced: and Gage Skidmore)

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