Donald Trump On ‘Crazy Bernie’: ‘He Wins, Wins, Wins, Then Everyone Says He Can’t Win’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they do share one thing in common: They keep racking up primary wins even though their respective parties wish they’d just go away.

On Wednesday morning, Mein Trumpf called into Fox & Friends so they could congratulate him on his big wins in Nebraska and West Virginia. Elisabeth Hasselback then remarked on Bernie Sanders’ victory in W. VA — which Hillary Clinton had won easily back in 2008 — and showed some startling numbers on the screen from a Fox News exit poll. As it turns out, an astonishing 35 percent of Democrats said that if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination instead of Sanders, they’d rather vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump on Bernie Sanders and the Democratic primaries: “Everything about Hillary is rigged.”

“Well I’ve heard that and I’ve seen that,” His Hairness replied, “and I’m not surprised.” After all, the crowd that showed up for his rally was YOOGE. He added that Hillary’s got some serious “problems” and declared that the Democratic primaries and “everything about Hillary is rigged.”

And, of course, it doesn’t help that Hillary made that gaffe about putting miners out of work.  And speaking of Hillary Clinton, when Steve Doocy then asked Donald Trump what he thought about the New York Post‘s blazing headline, “STOP THE CORONATION,” Donald Trump said he’d beat Bernie Sanders even more soundly than he’d beat Hillary Clinton.

The Donald even bestowed upon Sanders an insulting nickname of his very own, “Crazy Bernie.”

“Every time you see him, I call him ‘Crazy Bernie,’ because he’s not very good. Probably beating him would be easier. Who’s going to run against a Socialist and lose. I mean a socialist, you’re going to pay 95 percent tax. You know, I’d love to run against him in one way, but there’s something about running against Hillary that I really do like.”

When Steve Doocey wryly pointed out that polls reveal that Bernie Sanders “does better against you head-to-head than Hillary does,” Donald Trump insisted that’s because he hasn’t bothered going on the attack yet

“But I’ve never hit him, don’t forget. I haven’t started on him. I haven’t said anything about him.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump then went on to pay Bernie Sanders a compliment,

“He wins, wins, wins, then everyone sits around the table saying he can’t win.”

Steve Doocy then mentioned how earlier that morning, Bubba Trumpf had taken to Twitter to explain the reason for his uncharacteristic restraint.

Doocy then queued up footage of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz declaring Donald Trump a “radioactive” candidate who has no support from the leaders of his own party. That got him talking about how he and his former rivals had pledged to support the GOP nominee no matter what, but now some are reneging: “It’s very dishonorable,” the Donald added.

Yet, as Newt Gingrich recently pointed on this very show, Donald Trump has enjoyed one major advantage that’s been denied to Bernie Sanders: Tons of fawning coverage from Fox & Friends (not to mention MSNBC and other media). Unmentioned was Bernie Sanders who keeps prevailing despite the media blackouts.

Watch: Donald Trump weighs in on his and Bernie Sanders’ latest primary wins in W. Virginia and Nebraska.

Featured image/Composite: cc 2015 Gage Skidmore via Flickr (Donald Trump) ; cc 2015 Gage Skidmore via Flickr (Bernie Sanders)

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