Dog Beating Cop Suspended After Disturbing Video Surfaces

Dog beating deputy sheriff Brett Arthur Berry of the Ramsey was charged with two misdemeanor offenses after video surfaced of him beating his service dog at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota. The incident happened on June 14th at that casino where the 48 year-old grown man was at a training event for his dog.

The Ramsay county Sheriff’s office released this statement: “Deputy Berry was sent home from the K-9 trials and placed on administrative leave. The K-9 was evaluated by a veterinarian and no injuries were found. The K-9 partner is currently in the care of others.”

Berry is an 18 year veteran that was arrested on two misdemeanor charges, one for assaulting a public safety dog and one for animal cruelty. Sadly, Berry will not be thrown into a school of hammerhead sharks but if you you’d like to exact a measure of justice on this cold-blooded miscreant, you can go to the Ramsay County Sheriff’s facebook page and let them know what you think of this dog-beating piece of shit here.

A Justice 4 K9 Boone -Ramsey Co. MN K9 Deputy beaten by Handler Brett Barry facebook page has been started to keep the fire lit under their asses until Berry is fired. Watch the disturbing video below.

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