Democratic Senator Vows To ‘Raise Hell’ Over Trump Screwing Over His Coal Worker Supporters (VIDEO)

coal workers
coal workers

Some would say Trump is a con man, and not just any old con man either. He’s the type of con man who convinces you that you’re getting an amazing deal on a flat screen TV, but then when you open the box it consists of Styrofoam and cinder blocks. It seemed that one segment of American voters was just desperate enough to believe that Mexicans and terrorists would affect their way of life in West Virginia, or that Trump could bring back coal jobs, it’s coal workers.

Despite the fact that Trump has kowtowed to a sector of the economy as relevant to growth as home rental VHS, he is clearly conning the workers as he has pursued decided pro-Wall Street friendly policies in his first hundred days.

But fiery Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is not going to let him off the hook.

Appearing on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Brown said that he intends to “raise hell” until coal miners get the help they were perpetually promised by candidate Trump.

Here was Brown on MSNBC:

[Coal miners] are just perplexed, a number of coal miners voted for candidate Trump. They heard him talk about bringing coal jobs back, and they are simply saying government should do what it’s done since the days of Harry Truman, and that is provide health insurance to coal mine retirees and the widows of coal miners. It doesn’t cost taxpayers, it’s simple, you take money from the abandoned mine fund, put it into this health care. This expires at the end of April, and it’s just immoral to talk about tax cuts for Wall Street, cutting the corporate tax …  and not take care of the coal miners … We’re really raising hell about this and we’re going to make sure this week that, if there’s going to be a continuing resolution, it better have permanent health care for coal miners in it. 

Indeed, voters in rural and middle America who were hoodwinked into believing that Trump was the second coming of Jesus are now starting to realize that they’re victims of the biggest con man thrust onto the American stage since Bernie Madoff.  Convincing these voters was as easy as spear-fishing out of a barrel and candidate Trump knew he could cynically exploit them to steal the White House. But thankfully Senator Brown is doing all he can to make sure coal workers get revenge in the end.

Watch Sherrod Brown Defend Coal Workers below:

Featured image via screen capture

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