Democratic Senator Rips Trump’s NRA Speech To Pieces In Brilliant Tweets

Trump is quite busy these days trying to destroy the planet, the middle class, and the world order. Now, he’s kowtowing to the NRA, becoming the first sitting President since Ronald Reagan to deliver a speech before the domestic terrorist lobbying group. He was essentially celebrating how easy it is for criminals to get their hands on weapons of death, according to Murphy. After all, the Second Amendment is the only amendment that Republicans worship.

But as #45 was instigating more hate and violence, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) was tweeting the names and images of 11 people under age 30 who died because of gun violence.

Here are the very poignant tweets:



Sadly, the list goes on and on…

Trump and the gun fondlers just can’t ever seem to understand that there exists a middle ground when it comes to gun ownership. Call me crazy (then give me a gun), but it is quite possible to have sensible gun reform and honor the Second Amendment. President Obama attempted to do just that but was forced to rely on Executive Orders after his gun reform was blindly defeated by the NRA-owned Republican congress. Being dangerously unhinged and without a shred of compassion or reason, 45 could care less about catering to both. His foremost concern is and will always be himself.

Featured image via YouTube

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