Deliberate Toxic Waste Dumping Into Florida Drinking Water Supply Is Approved By Lawmakers

If you thought Republican Gov. Rick Scott couldn’t sink any lower, you were wrong

The Florida Environmental Regulatory Commission, which was entirely appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, raised the limits on the amount of known carcinogens and toxic waste allowed to be dumped into waterways that feed the Florida drinking water supply. The move could poison just about everyone in the state, which is more than 17 million people.

Florida’s new pollution guidelines are expected to increase the cancer rate from 1 in 100,00 to 1 in 10,000, for anyone in America who dares to eat Florida seafood more than once a week.

Other types of cancer are also likely to increase, due to the fact that the new rules, approved on Tuesday, will permit the dumping of more than two-dozen additional known carcinogens. Among them are benzene, dioxins, pulp manufacturing discharges, and toxic chemicals related to fracking.

clean water

The inclusion of fracking chemicals suggests that the new rules are a precursor to opening up the state to natural gas exploitation by Big Oil and other ‘dirty’ energy polluters.

Fracking pollutes massive amounts of fresh water supplies with hundreds of toxic chemicals that are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act, due to the Halliburton Loophole. Since Floridians are almost entirely dependent on underground water for their drinking water supplies, the result of contaminating it would be nothing short of catastrophic.

The level of toxins Florida’s new rules will allow are higher than the legal limits of The Clean Water Act. That means they will also have to be approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However, even with a massive public outcry, there might be little hope of stopping the slow poisoning of Florida residents, along with anyone who eats local seafood shipped out of state. Prior to the 3-2 approval of the new pollution rules, a petition against the measure with more than 2,700 signatures on it, was ignored.

According to the Miami Herald:

Linda Young, executive director of the Clean Water Network, which led the opposition to the rule, said her group will urge EPA to reject the plan but, if it is approved, “then absolutely we will file suit.”

Americans should not need private groups to file lawsuits to stop their state lawmakers from deliberately poisoning them


ALEC pollution map

It is crystal clear what Republican efforts to eliminate the EPA are really all about. As horrible as it sounds, Republicans are actually willing to kill millions of people and wildlife by slow poisoning, in exchange for money from corporations that profit from pollution. And you don’t have to look far for proof.

Big Sugar, one of the worst polluters in Florida recently handed Gov. Rick Scott another $100,000 donation. In case you missed it, pollution from Big Sugar is being blamed for the toxic algae blooms that led Florida to declare a state of emergency earlier this year.


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