We Are Defined By Those Who Raise Us Up — Jim Wright Explains It All

A man is defined by his friends

A politician is defined by his supporters

These are Donald Trump’s.



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You wonder why I won’t let you bad mouth John McCain’s military service in my presence? Or Chris Kyle? You wonder why I defend McCain as a shipmate and comrade in arms even though I can’t stand McCain the politician? You wonder why I defend Kyle, even though I detested his politics and pity his need to exaggerate his own enviable career? You wonder why I so strongly defended the President’s decision to bring Bowe Bergdahl home despite the fact that the man was most likely a deserter?

Because I refuse to be defined by people like those in the attached screen captures.

US Army Capt. Humayun Khan died doing his job as an American soldier. On the morning of June 8, 2004, outside the gate of Camp Warhorse, Khan stood between his men and the enemy. Sensing an impending attack, he ordered his soldiers to cover and walked forward into danger HIMSELF. Alone. His selfless courage forced the suicide bomber to detonate early and his instincts as an officer directly and unquestionably saved the lives of his men and dozens of Iraqi civilians.

Captain Khan wasn’t destined for court martial, that’s nothing but a goddamned lie. A deliberate smear by despicable cowards, rat bastards who have the luxury of their vile diseased scuttling duplicity ONLY because men like Humayun Khan daily stand steadfast between them and war’s desolation.

Captain Humayun Khan was a hero in every sense of the word. He gave his life so that others might live.

His sacrifice transcends politics and hate and ignorant stupidity and defines the very fabric of this nation. His place in the history of America is among its finest heroes and he deserves to be honored by all Americans and nothing less.

Here’s the thing, so pay attention: A man does not develop the conviction, the dedication, the honor, the intelligence, the compassion, and the selfless courage of Captain Khan by accident. Those are the traits instilled by family, by how one is raised, by community.

These are the traits the US Military looks for in its leaders, the building blocks upon which true greatness is forged.

Khan’s courage and sacrifice, his leadership on what was to be his final day, the manner in which he faced his death, are a reflection of who he was and how he was raised and the country for which he willingly gave his very life.

It’s a reflection of the greatest aspects of America and of humanity itself.

The comments in the attached pictures are a reflection of the very worst.

A man is defined by his friends and a politician by those who raise him to power.

You think about that.

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Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers to think of himself as the Devil's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind Stonekettle Station. You can email him at jim@stonekettle.com. You can follow him on Twitter @stonekettle, or you can join the boisterous bunch he hosts on Facebook at Facebook/Stonekettle. Remember to bring brownies and mind the white cat, he bites. Hard.

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