Dan Rather: ‘The Fuse Is Lit,’ Trump-Russia Scandal About To Explode

Dan Rather Says Trump Russia Scandal about to explode

CBS News veteran Dan Rather has been fighting the good fight over the corrupt Trump administration through social media. This time, the respected anchorman is predicting that Donald Trump and his senior officials’ ties to Russia are going to blow up in his face.

Rather posted his take on the continuing scandal on his Facebook page:

“Every once in a while in Washington, the fuse is lit for what seems to be a big scandal. Much more rarely does that fuse lead to an explosion of the magnitude we are seeing with Russia and the new Administration, and frankly the Republicans in Congress. How can anybody say, with all this billowing smoke and sights of actual flames, that there is no need to at least independently investigate whether a fire is burning down the very pillars of our democracy?”

Shortly following the resignation of security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn over revelations that he had been communicating with the Russian ambassador prior to Trump’s inauguration, it has come to light that Trump’s pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, was also having conversations with Russian officials during the campaign season.

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The issue might not be that these two top Trump administration officials were collaborating with Russia, but after U.S. intelligence confirmed that Russian cyber-spies had taken steps to tilt the 2016 presidential elections in favor of the former reality TV show host, both apparently lied about it during their confirmation hearings, perjuring themselves.

In the case of Sessions, the crime is particularly egregious. Dan Rather notes the reason:

“The pressure is obviously starting to mount as leading Republicans are now calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. This comes in the wake of serious and credible evidence reported by a vigilant press that the Attorney General, mind you the top law enforcement man in the United States, perjured himself in testimony to the Senate about meeting the Russian ambassador during the election.”

And building his case, it’s clear why Rather has come to the conclusion that this mounting scandal is about to “explode” in Trump’s face:

“Sessions is but the latest person close to President Trump who seems to be ensnared in a story that is more worthy of Hollywood melodrama than the reality of the governance of our country. Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign, and this story could move very quickly.”

A number of Republicans have called for Sessions to recuse himself from any investigation into the Russian interference of the U.S. election process, but this may not be enough to satisfy the opposition party.

On Thursday, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York made an impassioned demand that Sessions resign as U.S. Attorney General and called for a full and impartial investigation, as reported on TIME. House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, also stated that Sessions should resign after “lying under oath.”

Dan Rather states:

“We are well past the time for any political niceties or benefits of the doubt. We need an independent and thorough investigation of Russia’s meddling in our democracy and its ties to the President and his allies. We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Mr. Rather, perhaps, wants to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, but as he says: “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

“Perhaps there are perfectly innocuous reasons for why Mr Trump won’t release his tax returns, why he has continued to speak admirably about President Putin and why his aides and advisors seem to be so close to Russia. That’s why we need an investigation. If the air is to be cleared, it needs to be cleared. And if there is deep rot, it needs to be exposed. And quickly.”

Mr. Rather can clearly see the gathering storm, and as Trump’s pawns, knights, and bishops are picked off the board one by one through their own lies and corruption, a check mate may be the only way to get to the truth.

Dan Rather concludes:

“This is about a foreign and hostile power trying to influence our election while being in contact with close aides to the presidential campaign that the Kremlin wanted to win. Furthermore, there are serious questions about Mr Trump’s longstanding ties to Russian money and influence peddlers.

“We don’t know where this might go, but it isn’t going away.”

In the clip below from January, Dan Rather began drawing associations of the Trump presidency with that of discredited ex-president, Richard Nixon. Trump’s comparison between Nixon and Watergate, and the escalating scandal of the Trump-Russia controversy, has become more vehement in recent weeks.

On Feb. 14, Mr. Rather began his close analysis of the similarities between Trump’s Russia scandal and the Watergate scandal that ousted Nixon from the U.S. presidency.

Perhaps the fact that history repeats itself is not always such a bad thing.

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