Illinois Dairy Queen Owner Loses Franchise After Obscene Racial Tirade (VIDEO)

We have all heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right.’ Apparently, that rule doesn’t apply when the customer is black and the owner of the business is an unapologetic racist. 21-year-old Deianeira Ford and her family learned that last Wednesday when their drive-thru order was incomplete and she sought to get the rest of the food she had ordered.

Ford tried to collect the rest of the food that she had paid for. According to reports, that is where she met Dairy Queen franchise owner,  Jim Crichton. According to Ford, the man went into a racial tirade that included using the ‘n-word’.

‘He took out his flip phone and he said he would take a picture and put it on Facebook because he wants to show the world what kind of n—— he has to deal with. Then he shut the window and walked away.’

Ford added that her child was repeating the slurs after the incident. Ford was never given the balance of her order but was eventually refunded her money. Ford reported the racist incident to local police in Zion, Illinois, According to their report, Crichton proudly admitted using the slurs, that he would ‘be happy to go to jail for it,’ and that he was ‘fed up with black people.’

Yes, really — this happened in 2017.

The police really were in no position to do anything based solely on Ford’s report, so she took to Facebook;

She wrote a post describing what had happened. She described how she had asked for the owner’s name after recovering from her shock so she could report him to Dairy Queen’s corporate office. He replied “Bill Clinton then said better yet I’m Donald Trump,” Ford posted.

She included the phone number and address of the Dairy Queen. She also called Dairy Queen’s corporate headquarters.

A few hours after she wrote the post, it had been shared by several thousand people. Some called the restaurant. One man went by Crichton’s store, sparking another call to police. At some point, the post was seen by the people at Dairy Queen’s corporate office.

The news does get better for people against racism at that point. On Friday, Crichton was informed by Dairy Queen corporate that he would no longer be a Dairy Queen franchise owner. In other words, Dairy Queen fired him. For that, many believe they should be applauded for such swift and decisive action in the face of this ugly racism directed at Ford. Based on Crichton’s pride in his performance, it also isn’t hard to believe that this may not have been his first racial outburst. In fact, others have come forward reporting on the now former owner’s racist behavior.

There is a more sober note, however. The Zion, Illinois Dairy Queen has been closed until further notice. It is a shame that one man’s hate has cost dozens of people their jobs.

Check out this report from a local affiliate below;

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