Hilarious But Nightmarish Daily Clip Takes Sneak Peek At Donald Trump’s Cabinet (VIDEO)

Every president needs “trusted” advisers in their cabinet. Donald Trump would be no different; except he is. He considers himself to be the best choice for everything. That, of course, closely follows any advice his adult children give him.

The Daily Show‘s, Trevor Noah, gives us a sneak peek of what his cabinet might look like. In this often hilarious, but otherwise, nightmarish clip, we see the many faces and conflicting opinions of Donald J. Trump. It’s not pretty

Watch: The Daily Show imagines Donald Trump’s cabinet.

The really sad part is that what should be satire is a real possibility in a Donald Trump presidency. Various media/news outlets report that he has no real knowledge of any part of politics and foreign policy. As the clip shows, he changes his positions more frequently than he’d changed wives and that’s saying a lot. Shouldn’t we conclude that he goes in whatever direction he’s able to sell himself to?

We’ve been told by various media/news outlets that he has no real knowledge of politics, foreign policy or the Constitution. As the clip shows, he changed his positions more frequently than he’s changed wives and that’s saying a lot.

To make matters worse, he seems to be taking strategy advice from his grown children, Eric, Donald Jr, and Ivanka. Why is that bad? Because they didn’t even know what to do to be able to vote in the primaries. Even when their father is running for president. It’s my prediction that during the upcoming Republican National Convention, we will hear and see more of/from his children.

The reason? Because like all dictators, they would all have positions of power in their father’s administration.

Prior to the nomination of Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, as a Vice Presidential running mate, rumors filled the Internet. They said that Donald would, in fact, consider his eldest daughter, Ivanka, for that position. Surely his sex kitten, blonde bombshell daughter, who he has stated before that he would have dated if she hadn’t (shucks) been related would have secured the “women’s vote.” Thankfully, (I joke) he’s taken up Pence as his running mate to secure the “anti-gay, super religious, pro-life, and pro-discriminating in the name of Jesus” base.

Trump has joked on numerous occasions that he could do anything he wanted and it would never cause him to lose the faith of his base. This includes, but is not limited to shooting someone, saying whatever comes off the top of his head, racial discrimination, inappropriate remarks sexualizing his children, approximately 3500 lawsuits pending or a temporary call to Jesus. That’s why Trump can choose a running mate like Mike Pence, who cost his own state billions in lost revenue for his “Religious Freedom” laws, and still continue to have a strong following among the under-education, super rich and the plain ignorant of this great nation.

I hope this video was merely a joke of what his cabinet might have been and not a real sign of things to come (Apocalypse). If so, we’re doomed.

Featured image: Video screen grab/The Daily Show.

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