GOP Wants To Oust Trump? Too Late In Race To Have Buyer’s Remorse

The fallout from Donald Trump’s latest lewd video is continuing to gain momentum, with many Republicans clamoring for him to drop out. Even his running mate Mike Pence is openly criticizing him, which is a rare feat. Other top tier GOP players like Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Mitch McConnell and RNC Chair Reince Preibus are piling on the outrage. Ryan reportedly called it “sickening” and banned him from a major upcoming political event. The media’s frenzy is also on high, with every outlet in print, television and the web headlining the vulgarity.

The video is 11 years old so who released it now and what was the objective? After collecting dust on a shelf in an NBC studio, it suddenly made its stunning debut just two days before the second presidential debate. I am not a conspiracy theorist but something smells a tad funky.

So let’s get brutally honest. As offensive, lewd, vulgar, misogynistic and crass as this  latest video is, Republicans do not get to have buyer’s remorse. They do not get to dump on their nominee in hopes of replacing him this late in the race–if that’s the plan of course. It’s highly unfair to Hillary Clinton and the democratic process of choosing a president, especially when they had ample opportunity to derail the Trump toxic train before it got this close to the station.

Trump has been their man for over 15 months despite all the other missteps, blunders, dangerous, bigoted and sexist rhetoric that has become his modus operandi. Add his unprecedented lack of knowledge to the mix and anyone who has an iota of concern for this country could deduce that he was unfit for the presidency. Yet GOP leaders sat back and let the toxicity that was Trump fester, infect, pollute and corrode a path to the nomination and beyond.

When he led the birther movement against our current president, did so for five years, even calling for his college transcript in a blatant attempt to de-legitimize America’s first black president—GOP establishment stood mutely by.

When he said Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers, the GOP establishment stood mutely by his side.

When he refused to apologize to the five innocent black men who as teens, were wrongly imprisoned for years in New York City–whom he terrorized with full-page ads calling for their deaths–and has gone on to wage a 30-year crusade against them— the GOP establishment stood mutely by his side.

When he refused to follow the rules that every presidential and vice-presidential candidate has followed for decades, by releasing his tax returns, the GOP establishment stood mutely by his side.

When he said Senator John McCain was not a hero because he was captured, the GOP establishment stood mutely by his side, including McCain himself.

With a history of offensive rhetoric, inciting violence at rallies, the GOP establishment stood by his side.

With a history of racial housing discrimination under his belt, the GOP establishment stood by his side.

When his answer to black Americans being shot dead by cops was more law and order, the GOP stood by his side.

When news of him terrorizing a young woman over her weight surfaced, the GOP establishment stood mutely by his side.

When he insulted Senator Ted Cruz’s wife, pushed insane conspiracy theory about his father and JFK’s assassination– Cruz and the GOP establishment stood by his side.

When he insulted and dumped all over his republican opponents in the primary, the GOP stood mutely by his side.

When he said he would marry his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter, the GOP establishment stood mutely by.

And that is not the only degenerate thing he has said about daughter Ivanka. He has spewed numerous deplorable things to shock jock friend Howard Stern over the years but one that tops the pile is he telling Stern he could refer to his daughter as “a piece of ass.”

The list of offenses is too numerous to mention, but am sure you have heard them all played on a loop by the media. A media who now doesn’t seem to realize they are being used, yet again. This time by the GOP who wants Trump gone and must have been agonizing over ways to push him out.

They seemed to have found a way, finally but it is too late to play outraged. It is too late to play the integrity game.

They bought it, they must keep it. Their ticket is Trump and Pence and unless he is seen killing, raping, molesting someone, he is their man and should remain their man to the end.

Let the democratic process work, let the voters decide on November 8; isn’t that what Republicans have been using as an excuse for propping up the worst choice in political history?



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One thing is certain, we are living in incredibly precipitous times and though it looks gloomy from the top, all is definitely not lost. Activism has awoken to heady heights; citizen involvement deeply refreshing and civics awareness is growing daily. Moreover, a revolution of spirit and togetherness is undulating throughout the land. So do not despair-- for a resilient, united, vigilant people can move mountains and overcome anything.

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