Conservatives Blow Gasket Over Free Whiskey For Life Offer

bar offers free whiskey for life punch steve bannon
Screen capture of Steve Bannon

The Gateway Pundit is a right wing rag, literally a purveyor of conspiracy theories, hard-right fake news, and deeply biased conservative garbage. When they found out about a receipt from a Portland, Oregon bar offering “free whiskey for life,” for the small cost of “punching Steve Bannon,” they lost their minds. Not just them, either, since they quoted another blogger who also seems to have developed amnesia.

*In order to fully bring home the true depth of the hypocrisy here, there are images in this article that some may find offensive. 

Here is the “offending” receipt:

Screen capture from now deleted tweet

Not just them, either, since they quoted a few other bloggers who also seem to have developed amnesia. Like this one, from Big Leauge Politics:

“Imagine the outrage if someone on the right solicited violence against anyone in the Obama administration, they would immediately be branded domestic right-wing terrorists. Somehow, seemingly endless calls for violence against the Trump administration are not only acceptable among the left, it is celebrated.”

Sadly, they forgot that Trump himself promised to pay legal fees of those who punched anyone that would dare throw tomatoes at him. They also forgot that, for 8 years, conservative “Christians” posted variations the following meme… actually, why not just put up a screen grab of the google search:

They also forgot that you aren’t branded a “right wing terrorist” for this. To be branded a right wing terrorist, you do things like murder black people in a church, or blow up a building, or shoot people at a Planned Parenthood, or other actions that cause terror to achieve a conservative political or religious goal. Sadly, they seem to have all forgotten their own heinous hatred of a black man who actually improved our country.

Once again, they are crying foul about someone wanting a man punched when their own side called for the president to be hung. Can they even spell hypocrite?

Paydirt, the bar in question is highly politically active, though it appears that they have had to protect their Twitter account, likely due to hate from right wing trolls. This receipt may not reflect “going high” and it is not really “OK” to call for violence. That said, it is hilarious in context and political commentary above all.

If the president can get away with encouraging violence against protestors even to the point of offering to pay for it, then surely this bar is not to be held to a higher standard than him. Conservative hypocrisy is so thick in this situation that you might need scuba gear to get through it, but at least, if you are ever in Portland, you can enjoy a drink with intelligent, like-minded company!

Featured image via screen capture

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