Congressman Refuses 3 Times To Side With U.S. Intel Agencies Vs. Julian Assange (VIDEO)

In the clip below, Joy Reid begins by revealing that NBC News is reporting that a source inside the intelligence community says that they have identified ‘actors’ higher up in the Russian government who turned over stolen files from the now infamous hacks during the past election season. She also reported that they had intercepts that showed them ‘celebrating’ the election of Trump as a great thing for them.

That turned out not to be the big story, however. Reid then brought on GOP Congressman Mo Brooks to discuss the latest revelations about the hacking and the positions of many Republicans and Democrats vs that of Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and Vladamir Putin.

Joy Reid couldn’t have begun her interview with Representative Brooks with an easier question. She asked him if he was on the side of Julian Assange or our Intelligence community. The answer should have been clear. The 17 intelligence agencies are unanimous in giving ‘high confidence’ that the Russians were behind not only the hacking that went on but the fake news (that favored trump) and other propaganda techniques. All of which will be revealed in a declassified version of the intelligence for the American people to see on Monday.

Brooks shockingly struggled with the question going into a long rambling answer about ‘doing the best you can’ and that intelligence ‘isn’t perfect’ and seemed to do something that none of the intelligence community has done — namely give Assange credibility. He then started talking about the Iraq war. The only problem with his analysis there is that it wasn’t the intelligence was wrong, but it was politicized by the administration, according to many.

Reid attempted to bring him back to earth. She asked him again — giving him a chance to correct the record. Brooks doubled down. She asked plainly again ‘Who do you believe? Julian Assange or the Intel community?’ When Brooks tried to talk in very vague and general terms, she stopped him saying that she was asking not in general but on this ‘specific’ case.

Reid also noted that she found it strange that during the campaign, Brooks was highly critical of Donald Trump, accusing him of having positions all over the ideological map and untrustworthy and unreliable for Republicans as he was ‘all over the map.’ Now, she wondered why he was so adamant in his defense of Trump and Assange. Brooks tried to explain the analysis and unanimous findings of our 17 intelligence agencies are just ‘opinions’ like National Intelligence Chief James Clapper was The Dude from ‘The Big Lebowski.

Reid then tried a fourth and final time. She dumbed down the question (if that was possible) and asked if ‘in general’ he would put his trust in Julian Assange, a thief, and fugitive that House Speaker Paul Ryan called a ‘sycophant of Putin’ or James Clapper. Brooks begrudgingly seemed to agree that Clapper should be ‘given the benefit of the doubt.’ It wasn’t the most convincing turnaround.

Reid then moved on to conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes and columnist Charlie Pierce. All seemed pretty flabbergasted that Brooks wouldn’t disavow Assange. Sykes said it wasn’t only extraordinary but cringeworthy. Pierce wasn’t quite as shocked and pointed to another amazing example of ‘things Republicans are saying these days’ when in today’s Senate hearings Senator Tom Tillis doing a ‘chickens coming home to roost’ style monolog that GOPers would have tarred and feathered him for not too long ago. We don’t even have to speculate about what a Democrat saying something like that — even a minister that knows a Democrat. Who remembers Jerimiah Wright talking about those chickens in regard to our foreign policy?

Check out the incredible clip from Joy Reid below;



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