Comey Hearing: No Woman Who Has Ever Been Sexually Harassed Is Fooled

comey hearing pressure
No woman is fooled, Comey was pressured to do something inappropriate.

While watching the Comey hearing on Thursday, a glaring reality became clear. James Comey, then FBI director, was pressured to do something inappropriate by his boss.

The people conducting the hearing then blamed that pressure on him, by pushing the idea that he didn’t say “no” strongly enough, that he continued to take the president’s calls, and that he didn’t immediately quit his job. No woman who has ever been sexually harassed at work is fooled: Comey was subject to the pressure of losing his job should he not perform in a way that pleasured the president.

If my boss holds me back after a meeting and says he “hopes” I will suck his d*ck — after asking if I really like my job — that is pressure coming from a person with power over me.

Comey clearly felt pressured because he was “asked” to do something that was inappropriate, in private.

The GOP is trying to rest on that word hope, like somehow Trump’s obvious attempt to push Comey toward doing what he wanted wasn’t pressure, just a passing thought.

Conservatives were further shaming Comey for not quitting, not saying “no” strongly enough.

Someone needs to put this in perspective:

“Hope” coming from the President to the Director of the FBI after allusions to his job is straight up obstruction.

Obstruction because it was pressure to do what the president wanted at cost of his job.

How do we know? Because it would be if he was a woman, and the inappropriate act was sexual in nature. Because it would be if he was a teen and the request was adult in nature. Because it is when he is a law enforcement officer of the federal government and the man who controls his position does this in private.

No, there is no question from Comey’s testimony, he felt pressured, he felt that his job was on the line unless he somehow “let Flynn go” and “lifted the cloud” of the Russia investigation.

Time will tell if this was Trump’s first, last, or just one in a series of illegal acts, but one thing is crystal clear: This is impeachable.

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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