Trump Says He Loves The Police, But Is Stiffing Many Cities On Paying Them

Trump had certainly thrown a lot of large political rallies during his campaign for President of the United States. And at those sometimes violent political rallies police were certainly required to be there. But now that the show is over it appears Trump’s love of the police is certainly not extending to his pocket-book according to The Center For Public Integrity.

“The police in our country are not appreciated. We do not give them the kind of respect that they have to have.” – Trump

Trump certainly pandered to his base utilizing the police at his rallies to make his Nationalist supporters nod in agreement with “patriotic” fervor.

Trump even recently tweeted out a thank you to police across the nation on January 9th.

But He Loves The Police!

However, Trump still owes in municipalities across the nation for the very police he so admires as well as traffic control and other services the city had to provide to accommodate the billionaire.

Tuscon, Arizona has yet to receive any financial compensation from Trump after he ran up an $81,837 bill on police for 6.5 hours at his rally. Spokane, Washington is also waiting on a payment as are two cities in Wisconsin.

All in all, Trump hasn’t paid for over $204,000 worth of police expenses and there may be even more. Compared to Clinton who has just $25,000 to pay off.

“There shouldn’t be much debate about it, cities across America provided protection at a cost and should be reimbursed for it,” said Mayor John McNally of Youngstown, Ohio.

As far as how this works, it would appear that in order to demand compensation a city must have a formal contract with the campaign. It appears many cities do not have these contracts.

Contract or not, many cities are demanding that Trump pay up.

Not so much the case with Tuscon, Arizona however. They made a contract with the Trump campaign and are very adamant about collecting on the debt.

“You are responsible for these payments,” Tucson City Attorney Mike Rankin wrote to the Trump campaign in a letter, “If you fail to remit payment in a timely manner, the City may pursue all of its remedies.”

The veiled threat is obviously a hint at a lawsuit. We may soon have a sitting President that is being sued by cities in our nation and whose wife takes time out of her day to sue a small-time 70-year-old blogger.

What a time to be an American.


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