Christian ‘Sharia Law’ Underway In America

Christian Sharia Law: The GOP's dangerous game of Red Rover.
Image/Composite: EveryView.Com/Wikimedia.Org.

“That can’t happen here! This is America! We don’t have Sharia Law here!”

How often are we assured by our fellow citizens that atrocities like those under Sharia Law that we see around the world, could not happen here?

Women in burkas walk the streets with hardly any way to see so that nothing of their womanly presence can be noticed to keep men from ogling them; men who apparently cannot control any of their baser instincts, so they have opted to take away all autonomy of women to make up for it.

These women can’t drive, can’t move about unescorted, must dress hyper-demurely, cannot vote or be heard for an opinion.

But that can’t happen here…right?

Baghdad, 1970s. Friends lounging near the banks of the Tigris River at Baghdad University. This is at the Academy of Fine Arts, which taught film studies and fine art during the 1970s.
Baghdad, 1970s. Friends lounging near the banks of the Tigris River at Baghdad University. This is at the Academy of Fine Arts, which taught film studies and fine art during the 1970s.

Examples like the Middle East don’t happen overnight. They are a process and this process is brought about because religion has infiltrated their government. They hold their beliefs, many of which are completely skewed, and infuse them throughout their governing; blurring the line that may have once been there, when the Middle East looked more like Paris in the 1970’s than a battleground dotted with draped black figures. Even Bagdad could have been mistaken for any college town from pictures of a progressing society–Until religion got a foothold.

But we won’t let that happen here. No Sharia Law in the US. But what about our own burgeoning version of Sharia Law? The one that we are seeing ooze into legislation at the state level; overriding federal laws and based on the foundation of a single religion?

Ted Cruz stated, “It is exactly right that in terms of who I am, I am a Christian first. I am an American second.”

What if a Muslim running for office said, “I am a Muslim first and an American second?”

I have no doubt that they would never get any further in their campaign and probably would be smeared all over the papers and run out of town. But where the Middle East has a tolerance for Islam suffusing every aspect of their lives, so it is now that the Christian or Religious Right is moving to do the same within our borders. We have the same tolerance because Christianity is the norm here.

But what harm can it do? It’s for the greater good.

Don’t think for a moment that those shoving extreme Islam down the throats of their citizens differ much from what we are seeing today. It starts slow. A piece of legislation here restricting some type of rights, another one there, reversing some kind of ordinance. Religious doctrine becomes infused into our schools, onto our currency, in courthouses, and into our stores. Donald Trump even said, “We’re gonna be saying, ‘Merry Christmas.’” Really? What about all the other people in the US who celebrate something else? One day of celebration (Christmas) overrides the 8 days of Hanukkah? But that’s how it starts.

Then pretty soon, it’s not the laws of the land that we are living under, it’s religious laws, and this country was not founded on religious laws.

Despite what your church-y friend may have told you, this country was most definitely not founded on religious laws. It was created to let everyone, in their private lives, worship freely. Somehow that has become twisted; now simply regarding one specific religion while refuting all the others.

And so we begin our own dance with our “Christiana Law.” Women are once again relegated to a submissive Biblical position where we are unable to make choices for ourselves. Where we are punished for our sexuality. Where we are made to cover up in some cases (poor breastfeeding mothers) because men cannot separate biology with the sexuality that has allowed us to be objectified as well.

And it’s not only their problems…women have become complacent. Many feel like we’d already fought and won this battle, or at least, our mothers and grandmothers did, so we shouldn’t have to fight them again, and yet every Republican nominee and every Republican senator seems to make it their personal mission in life to overturning Roe v Wade.

They think it will stop abortions. All it ever did was keep women from dying when they had abortions–back alley or at home. It provided a safety net that the GOP is more than happy to try to jerk away; for women are to be punished for having sex, for enjoying sex or for being the victim of a sex crime. It makes no difference. We are to be second class citizens to the men writing the laws. They want dominion…just as their religious doctrine tells them.

Now they are coming after the federal laws to equality. All under the guise of religion…a religion that they have twisted to be nothing like the religion they profess. But they make headway. Slowly but surely, they work at eroding the foundation that the Founding Fathers set in place and we are allowing it to happen.

Women aren’t prominent in public office.

There is a deficiency in estrogen in all branches and that needs to change. Women need to step forward and claim those offices away from the misogyny that resides there. Currently, there are 362 men versus 76 women in Congress. In the Senate, 83 men and only 17 women.

In January of this year, a blizzard made it nearly impossible to get to Congress and yet, everyone that showed up that day were women. They got the job done. Not a single man did. “As we convene this morning, you look around the chamber, the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female,” Senator Lisa Murkowski noted. You would think with that kind of gumption, we would find more women assuming the mantle of leadership but it hasn’t been the case and now, our rights, as women, are under attack.

I don’t think, if Republicans were able to win significantly in November, that it would be that far of a stretch to see all our basic rights stripped away. Rights to health care, rights to love and marry, rights to safe food and water jerked away. They are already putting legislation on state levels into the works. They just need time and lack of resistance in order to succeed.

It’s turning into a massive game of Red Rover and unless we all stand together against this bullying force that is rotting our government from the inside out, we will be all too familiar with the way things are done in the Middle East because the US will be the New Middle East.

So let’s join hand and stand strong against the Red Republican Rovers.
It’s the only way we’ll fight this blight eroding the fabric of this nation.

Red Rover, Red Rover, I dare Ted Cruz over…



Picture of Bagdad:

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