Love Her Or Hate Her, Chelsea Clinton’s Reply To Trump’s Ivanka G-20 Excuse Is Dead On

chelsea clinton response ivanka excuses g 20
Like her or hate her, Chelsea Clinton is right. Her parents never would have asked.

Donald Trump chose to name drop Chelsea Clinton during what appeared to be a frantic justification for yet another faux pas on the national stage that included his own daughter Ivanka Trump. Clinton, love her or hate her, nailed the response.

Trump tweeted out:

Trump, instead of using one of his cabinet members, let his daughter Ivanka fill his seat at the G-20. There was nothing standard about this. The choice of who fills the seat is up to each delegation, however, the American outrage is because it is unprecedented to have a President’s child fill their seat. Usually, a cabinet member would do so. Ivanka Trump has been gifted an office as an unpaid “advisor” to her father. The United States of America doesn’t do royal family privilege but the Trump’s don’t seem to know that.

Chelsea Clinton responded:

There it is, in black and white, it would never have occurred to anyone with any whit of political ability or understanding of American politics to ask their unelected child to take on a role that they have no business in.

Many other people were offended, like Adam Best, not just that the sitting president attempted to throw the child of his former opponent for office under a hypothetical bus, but that it was so horribly in character for him. That is, classless:

It is truly hard to ignore the fact that this is likely Donald Trump trying to deflect the media’s attention away from the discovery that his own son, son-in-law, and other members of his campaign met with a Russian Lawyer. Not just that but that it was in Trump Tower, while Trump was there, to get “information damaging to Hillary Clinton.” Their excuse? The Russian lawyer really didn’t have anything solid to use.

Here is what a George W. Bush official thought about that:

So, it seems that in the “Trumpiverse” it is ok to want to collude with the Russians, even to meet with Russians to attempt to get information from our enemies harmful to your opponent. That is, as long as you don’t actually succeed at getting the information. Kinda like guys who attempt to buy sex from illegally human trafficked prostitutes, but didn’t actually get the sex because they were busted by the cops… oh, wait, those guys are guilty of the crime. Kinda like people who go to rob a convenience store, but only get 20 dollars in rolled coins and ones… oh, wait, that is still robbery.

All in all, this sad attempt to distract from his continuing bad behavior and his own son’s and daughters roll in his campaign and administration. The nepotism is wrong. It is unethical, and that doesn’t even begin to describe the fact that Donald Trump Jr. attended a meeting with the intent of receiving illicit information from a source who is closer to our worst enemies than our friends.

Sad. #Resist.

Featured image via Flikr, Gage Skidmore

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